13 Reasons a VPN Helps Your Business

Executive Summary: Why do I need a VPN? I have enough stuff going already! Well, you *probably* do *NOT* have an effective Information Security Program in place, but here’s 13 reasons how a VPN can help.

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Let’s see why your business needs a VPN to help you survive the current cybersecurity crisis.

13 Reasons a VPN Helps Your Business

A VPN gives you to use the internet safely at home, at work, and wherever you are. CAUTION: Beware of VPN scams. Only use NordVPN links found right here at IwantMyVPN.com.

13 Reasons a VPN Helps Your Business

For just a few bucks a month, you can substantially increase your and your family’s information security. Here’s some interesting and unique ways NordVPN protects you..

  1. Increased Security. VPNs secure business internet traffic and sensitive information from cyber threats..
  2. Remote Access. With VPNs, employees can work remotely and use company resources, making them more efficient.
  3. Privacy Protection. VPNs ensure the security of your business‘ online activities from potential spies.
  4. Bypassing Geo-Restrictions. Businesses can overcome geographical restrictions and access blocked websites and services by using VPNs.
  5. Cost Savings. By using VPNs, employees can securely share files and collaborate more efficiently, which lowers costs.
  6. Improved Network Speed. VPNs can improve network speed and stability by reducing the number of hops between the user and the website or service they are accessing.
  7. Compliance with Regulations. Businesses can meet GDPR and CCPA regulations with the use of VPNs.
  8. Protection from Public Wi-Fi. VPNs protect business data from threats when employees use public Wi-Fi networks, such as coffee shops, airports, or hotels.
  9. Increased Trust. Using VPNs for data transmission can help build trust with business partners and customers.
  10. Protects against Cyber Attacks. VPNs can help prevent cyber attacks by encrypting data and making it much harder for hackers to access sensitive information.
  11. Better Collaboration. VPNs enable secure sharing of information, allowing for better teamwork.
  12. Access to Cloud Services. Businesses can use VPNs to access cloud services despite location or security restrictions.
  13. Improved Website Performance. VPNs can improve website performance by reducing the number of hops between the user and the website, and by caching content closer to the user.

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