3 reasons you need a home VPN

You already use a VPN at work. Right? You should also use a VPN for school. Have you thought about the urgent need for you to have a VPN at home? With Wi-Fi almost everywhere, hackers have a heyday exploiting residential internet connections. Don’t be the next victim. Get NordVPN now. Online security starts with one click.

Hide from your ISP

Do you think your Internet Service Provider is your friend? Think again. Your internet service provider is scanning, capturing, selling and reporting your data, no matter who they are.

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You are their product. They use you to make money.

Here’s how you can turn the tables on your ISP: Connect to NordVPN before you use the internet. This will help to protect yourself online.

Your VPN connection creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a remote VPN server. When your ISP sees this, they know you’ve connected to a server, but they don’t know what information you’re sending through it.

NordVPN is an anonymous VPN. This means the company doesn’t store any of your internet activity in a user-identifiable way. They don’t keep logs. They clear their server components, including RAM, and hard drives. Even if the government shows up with a search warrant, NordVPN has nothing to hand over to them.

Keep your personal activities to yourself. Keep them away from your ISP with an anonymous VPN.

Say “No” to throttling

ISPs see what types of data you’re sending across the internet. When they see that you’re streaming a lot of video content or spending a lot of time gaming, your ISP throttles your connection to limit your bandwidth. As a result, you might not have the entertainment experience you expected.

When you send your internet traffic through a VPN, your ISP can’t tell what kind of traffic you’re sending. This conceals your gaming and streaming traffic, so your ISP’s systems won’t know to slow it down.

You can say “No” to throttling by connecting to an anonymous, no logs VPN before you start gaming or streaming. NordVPN is the best VPN for gaming and streaming. Perhaps that’s why it’s consistently rated the top VPN in the industry.

Protect all your devices

You probably have a lot of “smart home” devices. Your smart home devices might include the fridge, thermostat, console, security system, and TV.

Most of these devices, known as “IoT” (Internet of Things) have no capability of loading a VPN application.

Similarly, if you have children in your home, you can’t depend on them to use their devices wisely. When they surf the web, visiting social media sites, and chatting with friends, they can get into trouble.

When you get NordVPN, you have the capability of using it with a VPN-enabled router. Compare VPN providers to discover the NordVPN advantage.

CAUTION: Most ISP-supplied routers don’t have VPN capabilities. For this reason, buy a VPN router to use with your ISP’s internet connection.

Configuring your home router to send all internet traffic through your VPN makes all your users and devices safe from surveillance. Best of all, when you do this, you don’t have to configure a VPN app on all your computers, phones, tablets, and other devices.

The ASUS VPN-Enabled ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router (GT-AX11000) is our top pick for gaming..

It’s everything you need to equip your entire home with the safety of NordVPN.

Going Further

We’ve just talked about 3 of the main reasons you need a VPN at home.

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