4 Reasons to Choose NordVPN

You’ve heard that NordVPN gives you the best VPN experience, but you wonder why. Continue reading to learn four features that make NordVPN the best choice for you.

Try Risk-Free VPN

If you don’t like NordVPN, you don’t have to keep it. NordVPN lets you try risk-free VPN service.

When you choose to get NordVPN, you also get 30 days to use it with the option of getting your money back. This risk-free money-back feature gives you confidence that no one will make you keep something you don’t want.

Get NordVPN

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What are you waiting for? Secure your streaming and gaming with NordVPN.

No-log VPN service

NordVPN does not track you.

NordVPN keeps no logs, so no one can subpoena your online activities. You can protect up to 10 devices with one subscription, so you can protect your entire family.

When you choose NordVPN, you have the confidence that no one can access your private information. You have the assurance that NordVPN will never betray your confidence.

Double VPN

You know NordVPN keeps you safe online, but what happens when you have critical information that you can’t afford to leak? What happens if a government agency finds your VPN connection?

When privacy really really counts, you need Double VPN from NordVPN. This feature puts your data through two VPN servers, increasing your security.

With Double VPN, you get double encryption, which gives you double security. Get maximum protection from cyber threats using this feature.

VPN Kill Switch

If you lose your VPN connection, what happens? If you don’t have NordVPN and its VPN Kill Switch feature, your real IP address and online activities become visible.

The NordVPN Kill Switch can prevent that. Once you lose your VPN connection, the Kill Switch will end your internet connection. That minimizes unintentional leaks of your confidential information.

NordVPN’s Kill Switch feature is your last line of VPN defense. Protect your data from exposure.

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