Awareness of internet surveillance, censorship, and other online threats have created intense demand for VPN services. These 4 VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous in 2019 will help you make the right choice.

For starters, encrypting your online traffic gives you privacy that you otherwise couldn’t enjoy.

Additionally, your VPN can dramatically enhance your online security.

However, you must realize that all VPNs aren’t equal.

As a matter of fact, some VPNs can make things worse for you.

For instance, Facebook operates a fake “free” VPN service that harvests all your personal information for use by marketers, corporate interests, and government agencies.

Also, some VPN services aren’t anonymous. This means that they store server logs that can associate your online activity with your ISP-provided IP address.

Knowing that ISPs readily give out their user information, that means that your VPN, ISP, law enforcement agencies, snoops, and hackers can all get your information.

So, to stay safe online you must choose a VPN that has a strict no-logs policy.

But is that enough?


You must also avoid VPN services that are based in “Five Eyes” countries. Five eyes is an anti-privacy coalition of five major economies, including the USA. Go ahead, learn more about Five Eyes.

Here, you’ll find our analysis of the privacy features of 4 VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous in 2019. With each one, you’ll find an easy link to use to get the best deal.

4 VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous in 2019

In addition to server logs, you should be concerned about VPN protocols. For instance, PPTP has known vulnerabilities, so you should avoid it, especially when working with mission-critical data.

Also, some VPN services may leak your IP, IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC information.

Learn about the following 4 VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous in 2019. Afterward, we’ll mention a few examples of VPN services that keep logs.


We recommend NordVPN because of its impressive track record for privacy. Also, this service is one of the largest and most popular in the world. Furthermore, NordVPN is highly rated for its ease of use.

NordVPN is a no-logs operation

NordVPN is a no-logs VPN. Also, they don’t store timestamps that can help third parties connect online activity with their users.

NordVPN is registered in Panama as Tefincome co S.A., so it’s resistant to Five Eyes abuses. For instance, DMCA isn’t in effect for Panamanian firms.

Also, NordVPN reports that they have never been served with subpoenas from Panamanian courts. However, if they were subpoenaed, they’d have no information to provide because they don’t keep server logs.

Nord VPN concurrent connections

Moreover, NordVPN allows subscribers up to six concurrent connections. However, not all connections may use the same protocol.

Still, NordVPN is one of the most competitive of our 4 VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous in 2019.

NordVPN & Google

Despite the known privacy abuses of Google, NordVPN uses Google Analytics together with third-party tools to support their customer service activities. Still, the service promises that they don’t track their users.

Keep in mind, that Google may glean user information through their analytics data.

NordVPN torrenting

NordVPN serves torrents, but only via a select group of servers. When you attempt to download a torrent, the NordVPN network will automatically route your data through a different server. This is presumably to maintain service quality for video streamers and gamers.

NordVPN payment options

When you sign up for NordVPN, you can pay with standard or anonymous methods.

NordVPN ciphers

NordVPN supports AES 256 CBC algorithm with Open VPN. For their IKEv2/IPSec ciphers, NordVPN uses AES-256-GCM Phase1 keys for encryption. They ensure integrity with SHA2-384 and PFS using 3072-bit Diffie Hellmann keys.

Other information about NordVPN

NordVPN has an automatic kill switch that kills user-selected software applications. They don’t have a hardware kill switch.

NordVPN controls only some of its servers. To build out their network, they work with trusted partners. Their server configurations guarantee compliance with their no-logs policy.


The next one of the 4 VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous in 2019 is CactusVPN.

CactusVPN is based in Canada, which is a Five Eyes country.

However, this VPN service maintains a strict no-logs operation and promises not to retain any information that can connect online activity with a particular user.

Torrents – CactusVPN

Only CactusVPN servers in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Romania allow torrent traffic.

CactusVPN payment options

When you choose CactusVPN, you can pay with many standard and anonymous payment options.

Connection options – CactusVPN

This service recommends that CactusVPN users set their software for SoftEther with ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 cipher suite as their most-secure connection option.

Other info – CactusVPN

CactusVPN provides a software kill switch. Their software also protects against DNS leaks.


ExpressVPN is a highly recommended VPN service that provides a balance between user configuration options and simplicity.

This service doesn’t keep connection or activity logs. They also don’t log the contents of data, browsing histories, timestamps, and DNS requests.

Unlike most VPN providers, ExpressVPN specifically mentions that it never records source IP addresses or associates them with outgoing IP addresses and internet destinations.

Because they don’t save any data, ExpressVPN can’t confirm that a particular user was connected to their server at any particular time.

Simply put, this service offers one of the clearest and most robust no-logs policies in the industry.

Five Eyes and ExpressVPN

Based in the British Virgin Islands, Express VPN is not subject to either Five Eyes and 14-Eyes data retention laws or intelligence sharing agreements.

Torrenting and Express VPN

Express VPN allows torrenting on all of its servers.

Default protocol – ExpressVPN

Express VPN’s apps default to us OpenVPN UDP. They use a 4096-bit CA, AES-256-CBC encryption, TLSv1.2, and SHA512 signatures for authentication.

Google Analytics and Express VPN

ExpressVPN uses third-party applications such as ZenDesk and SnapEngage to provide customer service and support. These services may use Google Analytics.

ExpressVPN DNS

Express VPN uses their own DNS servers which are also log-less.

Other info – ExpressVPN

97 percent of Express VPN’s servers are physically located within their respective countries.

However, in countries where the service can’t establish servers that meet their security standards, ExpressVPN operates virtual servers that reside outside of those areas.

The employees who maintain ExpressVPN’s servers don’t have user credentials. Also, ExpressVPN’s disks are encrypted to minimize the risk of seizure.

Use our link to get started with ExpressVPN.

Of the 4 VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous in 2019, ExpressVPN is the best.


TorGuard is one of the most trusted VPN services in the world. Although it offers more configuration options of our 4 VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous in 2019, it is also one of the most popular.

The company operates with a strict no-logs policy. Also, since TorGuard allows multiple users to use the same IP address, no way exists to connect online activity with a particular user.

Dedicated IP addresses, residential IP addresses, anonymous email, and other optional services are also available from TorGuard.

Five Eyes and TorGuard

One problem with TorGuard is that it’s US-based. TorGuard is owned and operated by VPNetworks LLC under US jurisdiction. That firm’s parent is VPNetworks LTD, LLC based in Nevis.

TorGuard and Google

TorGuard provides customer service via Sendgrid and Livechatinc. They also use an in-house online ticketing system. The TorGuard website and support systems use anonymized Google Analytics services.

DMCA and TorGuard

TorGuard accepts DMCA complaints. However, since they can’t identify what users may have violated copyrights, the requests are never forwarded.

TorGuard Subpoenas

TorGuard validates every court order they receive. In response to valid demands, the TorGuard legal team explains that the company has no identfying timestamps or logs.

Furthermore, TorGuard’s servers are physically incapable of retaining such information. In other words, there’s no on-off switch, so TorGuard can’t comply with demands to start logging future activity.

TorGuard and Torrents

Torrents are allowed on all TorGuard servers. TorGuard doesn’t block, re-route, or limit any types of traffic across our network.

Paying for TorGuard

When you choose TorGuard, you can use any one of more than 200 payment options. Even when you pay with a standard credit card, the company can’t associate your online activity with your account.

Connecting with TorGuard

TorGuard offers a slew of protocols and ciphers that users can use to match practically any situation. Still, the company recommends that customers use OpenVPN and select the cipher option AES-256-GCM, with 4096bit RSA and SHA512 HMAC.

TorGuard uses TLS 1.2 on all servers with perfect forward secrecy enabled.

To optimize for faster speeds and “obfuscated” Stealth VPN access, we suggest using OpenConnect SSL VPN with cipher option AES-256-GCM.

TorGuard offers OpenVPN, iKEV2, IPsec, SSTP, OpenConnect/AnyConnect, Stunnel, and Shadowsocks.

TorGuard kill switch

TorGuard’s apps are equipped with both hardware and software kill switches. In addition to closing apps after losing connectivity, the TorGuard apps can also disable the network interface.

Of the 4 VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous in 2019, TorGuard is the only one that includes a hardware kill switch.

Other info – TorGuard

All of TorGuard’s servers are physically located in their respective country.

Sign up for TorGuard today.

VPNs that keep logs

Never assume that your VPN is anonymous.

Many “free” VPNs and many paid VPNs aren’t anonymous. Because of this, they give users a false sense of security.

We don’t want you to take risks. Therefore, we advise you to thoroughly investigate any VPN before using it.


SEED4.ME claims to record “general connection” logs only for diagnostic purposes. Their stored data is only retained for the past 7 days.

In practice, SEED4.ME doesn’t analyze or DPI their traffic. Also, they don’t keep logs on VPN nodes.

SEED4.ME – legal

SEED4.ME is based in Taiwan. They say that they’re not aware of any laws in that country that might require them to turn over data to either courts or law enforcement.

SEED4.ME says that illegal activity is unwelcome on their network.

When they receive DMCA requests, they null-route the IP to keep the VPN service in compliance with the DMCA.

Torrents – SEED4.ME

Currently, we use simple firewall rules to block torrents in countries where the DMCA applies.

Torrents are allowed on SEED4.ME VPN servers in Switzerland, Sweden, and Latvia


VPN.AC is operated by Netsec Interactive Solutions SRL. It is a VPN provider that’s registered in Romania.

This service keeps connection logs for 24 hours to facilitate troubleshooting. They also use these logs to deal with brute force attacks and account theft.

VPN.AC protocols

VPN.AC works with OpenVPN using Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Key Exchange (ECDHE, curve secp256k1) is used by default in most cases.

The service also supports RSA-4096, SHA256 and SHA512 for digest/HMAC. For data encryption VPN.AC uses AES-256-GCM and AES-128-GCM.


IRONSOCKET is another VPN provider that promises privacy, but still keeps logs.

The company logs the duration and IP addresses of user connections. They also record the amount of data transferred through their servers.

“Typically” the logs stored by IRONSOCKET are retained for three days. However, there’s no way to know what “typical” conditions are.

For the most part, the service says they use log to detect and prevent fraud and abuse.


This VPN service restricts access to torrents to users where P2P is prohibited by law. Also, the service aims to minimize legal pressure by restricting torrents to only certain servers.

Which VPN Services Keep You Anonymous in 2019?

Never use a VPN service that keeps logs. Likewise, always avoid “free” VPN services.

Of the above four VPN services that can keep you anonymous, we recommend ExpressVPN.

However, we strongly also strongly recommend NordVPN, TorGuard and CactusVPN.

What’s your experience?

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What’s your experience with VPN services? Send us an email to let us know. We’ll love receiving your feedback and sharing it with the online security community.