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I Want My VPN! We dedicate ourselves to directing you to NordVPN, the best VPN in the world.

Your internet activities aren’t private because the government can see them, but using a “no logs” VPN like NordVPN can help.

Similarly, blocked school Wi-Fi and restrictions at work can put the content you need and want off limits to you.

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Corporations that want to spy on you can do so at will, unless you have protection. Similarly, every time you go online without a VPN, hackers can steal your personal information.

Oh, and don’t forget to add regional and national content restrictions to the mix. Just because you don’t live in Communist China doesn’t mean that you have access to the entire Web.

About Us

IwantMyVPN.com educates private individuals and businesses about the benefits of using NordVPN to improve online safety.

We are an independent website that tests and promotes NordVPN, a verified “no logs” VPN service.


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