Congratulations! Your interest in Cactus VPN is commendable. The service is one of the top contenders for the title of best VPN for 2018. Your next step is to get the Cactus VPN download.

Cactus VPN Download

Use our CactusVPN Overview video to become familiar with the product.

To begin, visit the website operated by CactusVPN.

When you arrive at the site, simply click the “Start Now” button.

Cactus VPN download - start

Next, choose your plan and complete the registration process.

You will soon be prompted to log into your account to access the Cactus VPN download.

CactusVPN free trial

Unlike many VPN services, CactusVPN gives you a chance to try the service for free.

To access the CactusVPN free trial, visit the Cactus VPN website and then scroll down until you see the “Try VPN for Free” button.

No credit card is required.

CactusVPN free trial

After registering, you will have access to the CactusVPN download and use the CactusVPN service for free for 24 hours.

If, after trying the Cactus VPN service, you decide that you want to keep the service, completing your paid registration is fast, easy and secure.

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