Coronavirus Update: How to Change Your IP Address

Around the world, companies have closed offices. Suddenly, millions of people must work remotely (aka, telecommute). If you don’t change your IP address, you could get hacked.

Hackers LOVE coronavirus. Do you know why?

They love targeting telecommuters.

Stay safe by changing your IP address.

How to change your IP address

Internet service providers, such as your cable, DSL, and mobile phone company, assign your devices a unique set of numbers called an IP address.

As is the case with your home address, your IP address always leads back to you. So, your ISP, hackers, attorneys, and government agencies can easily find out what you’re doing online.

In some cases, third parties can capture and analyze the data you exchange with websites and email servers.

Most ISPs will not give you a new IP address upon request. Even if they did, they still would log everything you do online.

Protect your information by using a VPN.

When you connect to a VPN, you create a tunnel between your computer and your VPN server. This tunnel shields your online activities from inspection by your ISP.

Moreover, your VPN connection changes your IP address. As you use the internet, websites and snoops capture your VPN’s IP address, not yours.

If you make the right choice by getting ExpressVPN or NordVPN, you’ll have confidence that your VPN does not log your ISP-assigned IP address or any other personally identifiable information regarding your online activity.

Some VPN services say they don’t log your internet tracks, but they do. To avoid choosing the wrong VPN, you should only consider a service that a reputable third-part auditor has vetted.

An audited, no-logs VPN service gives you the confidence you need to safely use the internet.

Learn more about changing your IP address

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