Cyber Risk NordVPN

Why do so many people subscribe to NordVPN? It’s because they’ve been a victim of cyber crime. A new cybersecurity study shows a correlation between where you live and work and the cyber risk that threatens you.

You already use NordVPN for streaming, but now you can use it to minimize your geographic cyber risk.

Did you know how safe you are online depends so much on where you are?

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Cyber Risk NordVPN

NordVPN and Statistica worked together to analyze the cyber risk of the various regions around the globe.

This Cyber Risk Index aims to help people understand their threat level based on location, technology, and online activity. This index can help protect smart homes and their occupants from hackers.

You can read more about this report at There, you’ll also find a link, in PDF format, to the full study.

Cyber Risk Summary

Do you live in the USA? If so, you probably already know that you live and work in a high-risk environment.

What makes online shoppers in the U.S. vulnerable to cybercrime?

Among the world’s population, Americans stand out. Several factors increase their cyber risk.

  • High income. Hackers can make more money from wealthier populations.
  • Tech infrastructure. Although cybersecurity may benefit from an advanced technological infrastructure, it cannot offset hackers’ enhanced access to technology.
  • Urbanization. Large population centers give cybercriminals access to more people and, percentage-wise, more victims.
  • Digitalization. Americans store digitally an inordinate amount of their personal and business information.
  • Screen time. In the USA, people spend more time online, using computers, mobile devices, tablets, and other screens. This time increases their exposure to cyber crime.

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What makes India a low-risk country?

India has a relatively low per capita income. The country hosts fewer lucrative cyber targets. Also, much of the population has no reliable internet access.

Why is Western Europe only a moderate cyber risk?

Western Europe has plenty of wealth and technology. Interestingly, the region rates below much of the developed word regarding cyber risk.

According to the NordVPN/Statistica study, Western Europeans spend less time online, making them less visible and vulnerable to hackers and other criminals.

What country has the most cyber risk?

Surprisingly, Iceland has the highest cyber risk. NordVPN reports that country has the highest internet and smartphone penetration. Iceland has the world’s second-highest average income and Facebook use.

Also, Iceland ranks third in urban population and tenth in tourism.

More from the Cyber Risk study

Read the NordVPN / Statistica Cyber Risk study on the NordVPN website. The report comes in PDF format and is downloadable to your device for future reference.

How can I reduce my Cyber Risk?

When mitigating cyber risk, NordVPN can help. In fact, as more people become victims, more are understanding the dangers they face online.

Americans increasingly are aware of digital threats from many sources:

  • Corporations.
  • Copyright holders.
  • Attorneys.
  • Hackers.
  • Government agencies.
  • Law Enforcement.
  • Foreign governments.
  • Identity theifs.
  • Coporate espionage.
  • Snoops.
  • Social and political opponents.
  • ISPs.
  • Marketers.

Get NordVPN to counter these threats.

Connect to NordVPN before you start using the internet. Afterward, NordVPN will encrypt all the data you exchange between your device and online resources, such as websites.

Nord VPN also gives you a new IP address, which no one can trace to you. (Of course, if you use unique credentials to log into sites such as banks and email services, you associate your identity with your VPN-assigned IP address.)

Since NordVPN keeps no logs, nobody can associate your online behavior with your IP address.

In many situations, NordVPN lets you anonymously use the internet.

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