Does NordVPN Work With Netflix?

Netflix offers different content based on a user’s geographical location. This means that, if you travel internationally, you may not have access to the same movies and shows that you watch at home. Similarly, without a VPN, you can’t access Netflix content that’s only offered to other countries. That’s why people often ask, “Does NordVPN work with Netflix?”

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When you get NordVPN, you have a chance to access foreign Netflix catalogs. Nord can also help you access your home Netflix catalog while traveling in other countries. Similar to the way NordVPN can bypass Oct, NordVPN might bypass the restrictions Netflix imposes based on your IP address.

Does NordVPN work with Netflix?

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NordVPN works with Netflix. However, your success with NordVPN and Netflix depends on how you access the service.

NordVPN apps with Netflix

NordVPN works best with Netflix if you use the official NordVPN apps. These applications have a built-in feature called SmartPlay that improves your chance of using Netflix while connected to NordVPN.

You can read more about SmartPlay on the NordVPN website.

NordVPN-enabled routers with Netflix

Expect to have problems when you want to watch Netflix from a SmartTV that’s connected to a NordVPN-enabled router.

Your VPN-enabled router doesn’t have access to NordVPN’s SmartPlay feature. Therefore, you may have to attempt several OpenVPN connections before finding a NordVPN server that Netflix hasn’t blocked.

Even when you find a NordVPN server that works, it won’t work for a long time.

Does NordVPN work with Netflix or not?

Like most VPNs, NordVPN won’t guarantee that you can access Netflix via their servers. If you contact NordVPN for support, you might get an agent who will help you find an unblocked VPN IP address. However, access to Netflix is not part of NordVPN’s service guarantee.

NordVPN works best with Netflix when you use one of the official NordVPN apps. You can expect to have difficulty accessing Netflix via a NordVPN-enabled router.

Does Netflix allow VPN?

No. According to the Netflix policy, you cannot use a VPN with an ad-supported Netflix subscription.

Does NordVPN work with Netflix via a router?

By configuring your home’s VPN router with NordVPN simplifies protecting all traffic through your ISP. Still, you can expect to have problems when trying to access Netflix via your smart TV or other device.

Depending on your router, you can route your television around your VPN. If you do this, all devices will have VPN protection except your TV. Netflix will see your ISP’s IP address and serve content to you based on your location.

Should I choose NordVPN?

If, by asking, “Does NordVPN work with Netflix?,” you mean Netflix access is one of your core criteria, avoid NordVPN.

With that said, you can expect to have service problems with Netflix regardless of which VPN you use.

NordVPN has a well-known track record for privacy and security. Unfortunately, you can’t depend on that protection for any of your devices you use for Netflix.

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