Does Private Internet Access Work with Netflix?

You’ve heard that a VPN can help you unblock Netflix. Can it? Although VPNs all operate slightly differently, they all use work with the same basic principles. Right now, we’ll answer your question, “Does Private Internet Access work with Netflix?”

What is Private Internet Access?

Here’s how Wikipedia describes Private Internet Access:

Private Internet Access is a personal virtual private network service. It supports multiple VPN technologies such as PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SOCKS5 and OpenVPN.


Although PIA is a popular VPN brand, it’s not included in the infographic that accompanied our recent article on consolidation in the VPN industry.

Who owns Private Internet Access?

London Trust Media owns PIA/Private Internet Access. As far as we know, the company owns only one VPN service.

Does the PIA VPN protect my data?

According to many accounts, Private Internet Access is the only VPN service proven in court not to log user data. Apparently, they’ve done that at least two times.

What VPNs compete with Private Internet Access?

Private Internet Access aims to compete with the best VPNs. These include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, and TorGuard.

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Netflix and VPNs

Netflix blocks access to their service via a VPN. In addition to making VPN use against its terms of service, Netflix uses advanced technologies to detect VPN traffic.

Netflix uses several indicators that can determine whether you’re using a VPN when you access Netflix’ content:

  • Your IP address. Netflix records lists of IP addresses that VPN services are known to use.
  • Your DNS. If you connect to the U.S. Netflix website and your device uses a DNS in a different country, such as Australia, Netflix may assume that you’re using a VPN.
  • Protocols. Netflix analyzes its users’ data traffic. If your data stream features the characteristics of OpenVPN, IKEv2, etc., Netflix will flag your data as coming from a VPN.
  • Ports. Netflix analyzes your entire data route. If, at any time, your data passes through non-standard ports, Netflix may block you as being a VPN user.
  • Historical discovery. As VPN users attempt to connect to Netflix, the service gains more information about VPN IP addresses, VPN ports, VPN protocols, and other key indicators of VPN use.

Why access Netflix via Private Internet Access?

Netflix manages numerous catalogs that vary based on a user’s region. Therefore, users in some countries may have access to Netflix content that others don’t have.

Intellectual property and distribution rights often impact what movies and shows Netflix users can access. Different laws in effect in various countries may also affect available programming.

For instance, you may want to watch Star Trek: Discovery in the the USA. However, Netflix blocks that show to its American viewers.

Unblock Netflix with VPN

A VPN gives you a chance to change your apparent location. For instance, if you want to watch Star Trek: Discovery, you’d first connect to a VPN server in Brazil. Doing so would give you an IP address from Brazil which could help you access that country’s Netflix catalog (which includes Star Trek: Discovery).

Without VPN access, you wouldn’t have a way to access blocked Netflix content.

Unfortunately, as already noted, Netflix access via VPN is all but guaranteed.

Does Private Internet Access Work with Netflix?

The Private Internet Access VPN service does not support unblocking geo-restricted and geo-locked content.

In order to comply with all local and international laws pertaining to content blocked by geographic region (more commonly known as “geo-locked content”), we are unable to render support or assistance in accessing restricted content via our service. We wish to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, however this is necessary to comply with laws and regulations pertaining to the access of such content, to which we are bound; we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Private Internet Access

Netflix now blocks all Private Internet Access servers. Therefore, the Private Internet Access VPN does not work with Netflix.

What VPN reliably works with Netflix

Netflix continues to develop its anti-VPN technology. For this reason, no VPN service is guaranteed to work with Netflix.

In our labs, we’ve determined that the following VPN services most frequently work to unblock Netflix geo-restrictions:

We recommend that you try these services in their listed order. Pay attention to each VPN’s money-back guarantee so you can, if necessary, request a refund.