Don’t buy LastPass until you read this

LastPass gives you a chance to use strong passwords, keep them safe, and make them easy to use. Did you know LastPass isn’t the only solution? NordPass, from the makers of NordVPN, could work better for you and save you money.

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Don’t buy LastPass

We’re glad that you want to protection for your passwords for online accounts. LastPass gives you a chance to create conveniently, manage, and access your passwords when you need them. We think NordPass will work better for you. Here’s why.

NordPass Password Manager

When you choose NordPass, you can keep your passwords in a central location and access them from all your devices. NordPass let’s you log into websites and apps with a click or a tap, without compromising your security.

You can also bundle NordPass with NordVPN to get one of the best available robust, secure online experiences.

Why do I need NordPass?

By choosing NordPass, you never have to lose access to your online accounts. You never again have to go through complicated password-reset procedures because you will never lose your passwords.

Passwords at your fingertips

When you create new online accounts, NordPass will encrypt your login credentials and store them safely in your account. Now, even when you rarely use a website or app, you will always have your username and password handy.

NordPass synchronizes your passwords to all your devices. So, you always can login, regardless of whether you use your phone, tablet, or computer.


Bad memory? NordPass can help. You no longer need to remember all your passwords. You won’t need to remember complicated personal rules for creating passwords. NordPass gives you a reliable solution that beats your memory.


Everyone knows that longer passwords with special characters and random characters work better than simple, guessable passwords. Sadly, complicated, “hard” passwords are difficult to remember. Even worse, they’re almost impossible to type into password fields.

NordPass improves your security by giving you secure password-generation tools. After creating a strong password, NordPass will save it for you. Even better, when you need to log into a website or app, NordPass can paste your login-credentials into their respective fields.

No more typographical errors. No more lost and forgotten passwords. You’ll never again face the tempation to use “password” or “1234” as a password for an online account.

Offline convenience

Sometimes, you need a password when you don’t have an internet connection. NordPass helps by synchronizing your passwords to all your devices. That way, you can access your apps even when you can’t connect to the cloud.

Faster browsing and shopping

As you use the Internet, NordPass will recognize your most-used websites and automatically enter your username and password. No more funbling around, looking for a password list. No more delays while trying to remember your password.

If you shop online, you can securely store your credit cards and shipping addresses. NordPass will automatically enter your information at the right time. No more looking for your wallet. No more typos while entering long numbers.

NordPass feature summary

In summary, don’t buy LastPass until you review the following NordPass features.

  • Automatically fill strong passwords.
  • Securely share passwords with others.
  • Store more than just passwords.
  • Secure your vault with your fingerprint or FaceID.

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