ExpressVPN App – Mac OS

You probably already know that ExpressVPN apps rank as the easiest to use. If you’re still shopping or if you’re just getting set up with your new VPN service, we’ll show you some highlights from the ExpressVPN app Mac OS.

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ExpressVPN App Mac OS

You’re excited about ExpressVPN. So are we.

If you’ve signed up, you’re probably excited about putting your new VPN to use. Your benefits include:

  • An anonymous IP address.
  • Encrypted tunnel through ISP, work Wi-Fi, and school Wi-Fi.
  • Safely use Wi-Fi at Starbucks and in airports.
  • Unblock Netflix.
  • Bypass ISP throttling.

Download ExpressVPN App MacOS

Log in to your ExpressVPN to find convenient, easy-access download links to apps for all your devices.

You’ll need to download the ExpressVPN Mac OS app and copy your ExpressVPN application code.

Get the app and your ExpressVPN application code.
Download ExpressVPN app Mac OS and copy your activation code.

Why do I need an ExpressVPN activation code?

Hackers try to crack ExpressVPN apps and make them available via torrents and the Dark Web. Your activation code adds a layer of security to your log-in credentials to help keep you and ExpressVPN secure.

Install ExpressVPN app Mac OS

Click the “Download” button to get the app. Remember to maintain the confidentiality of your activation code. Keep it private. Don’t share or publish it.

Click the Download button to get the ExpressVPN app for Mac OS.
Click the button to download ExpressVPN for Mac OS.

You should have no problem completing the ExpressVPN app Mac OS installation process.

Complete the ExpressVPN app Mac OS installation.
Follow the prompts to install ExpressVPN app Mac OS.

Do you need help? Read our ExpressVPN mega article for additional instructions.

If you need to, visit our ExpressVPN download guide.

You can also watch the ExpressVPN app Mac OS setup video here.

Watch the video to quickly configure ExpressVPN on MacOS.

I installed ExpressVPN app Mac OS: Now what?

Use the following guidelines to quickly become safe and productive with ExpressVPN.

Run the ExpressVPN app Mac OS

Open the ExpressVPN app from your Launchpad.

Use LaunchPad to start ExpressVPN app Mac OS.
Use Mac OS Launchpad to start ExpressVPN.

You’ll have to activate your ExpressVPN app Mac OS by entering the Activation Code from your account login.

Configure ExpressVPN app Mac OS

First, make sure that your app has connected to an ExpressVPN server. To do this, the power button icon in the middle of the app should say “Connected.”

ExpressVPN is connected.
ExpressVPN is connected when you see this icon in the app.

Verify your ExpressVPN connection

We recommend that you check your IP to make sure that you have a new IP address, not your ISP or Wi-Fi network’s IP address.

You can easily do this by clicking the “Check My IP” link at the bottom of the app’s main screen.

Check your ExpressVPN before you do any personally identifiable activities online.
Check your IP before becoming active online. Use this link if you don’t see the link in your app.

On the “ExpressVPN Security Tools” page, you should see an IP address and location that are different from what you get from your ISP or Wi-Fi provider.

Don't do anything online until you verify your ExpressVPN IP address and location.
Check your ExpressVPN IP and location before using the internet.

Configuring your ExpressVPN app Mac OS

Now that you have finished the basics, let’s take a look at some ways to squeeze even more value from your ExpressVPN app Mac OS.

Click the pancake menue (aka, the hamburger menu) on the app’s main screen to gain access to its options.

Click the hamburger menu to access ExpressVPN app Mac OS preferences.
Use the pancake menu (three horizontal lines) in the top left of your screen to access ExpressVPN app Mac OS options.

ExpressVPN Locations

Here’s where you choose where you want to appear to be coming from when you use the internet.

Although nearby ExpressVPN may give you faster VPN speeds, you may want to connect to a different country or region to accomplish specific goals, such as unblocking Netflix or other geo-restricted content.

Choose from “Recommended,” “All,” or “Recent” to find the location you want. If you want to optimize performance, choose the “Smart Location” option.

ExpressVPN app Mac OS location options.
Choose your desired location from the “VPN Locations” options of the ExpressVPN app.

Speed Test

If you’re connected to an ExpressVPN server, the “Speed Option” is greyed out. You’ll have to disconnect your app from ExpressVPN servers to run the speed test on the various ExpressVPN locations.

Simply click the “Run Test” button and wait for your results.

Check the speed of available ExpressVPN servers.
Find out which ExpressVPN servers will give you the best performance.

When the test is over, you can choose a server based on its performance.

ExpressVPN App Preferences

Here’s where you’ll set most of your options for your ExpressVPN experience.


Here’s where you can choose to start ExpressVPN with your Mac nd automatically connect.

The “Network Lock” options function as a “kill switch” that stop your Mac’s internet access if your VPN connection goes doesn.

You’ll want to uncheck the “Allow access to devices on the local network” option if you want to access local printers and transfer files via AirDrop.

"General Tab" for ExpressVPN app Mac OS.
ExpressVPN app Mac OS “General” tab.

If you’re a beginner, use the “Automatic” option. If you want to use ExpressVPN’s proprietery “Lightway” protocol, you’ll have to choose it manually. You’ll only need options such as OpenVPN, IKev2, and L2TP/IPsec under particular circumstances.

Protocols available with ExpressVPN app Mac OS.
Available protocols for ExpressVPN app Mac OS.

On the “Account” tab, you’ll see when your subscription expries and have the option to sing out of ExpressVPN. You can also learn how to extend your subscription for free by sharing ExpressVPN with your friends, coworkers, and family members.

Extend your subscription or sign out on the ExpressVPN app MacOS "Account" tab.

You can choose which apps appear on your ExpressVPN home screen. Use these shortcuts rather than LaunchPad to save time.

Configure shortcuts within your ExpressVPN app Mac OS.
Setup shortcuts for the apps you use the most.

Watch this video to learn more about the “Shortcuts” feature.

Learn about the “Shortcuts” feature of the ExpressVPN app for MacOS.

Use ExpressVPN’s Chrome and Firefox extensions to enhance your online experience.

Quickly set up ExpressVPN browser extensions.
Control ExpressVPN app MacOS from inside your web browser.

In the ExpressVPN Mac OS app’s “Advanced” tab, you can:

  • Choose to send performance data to ExpressVPN.
  • Stop IPv6 address leaks.
  • Restrict your online experience to ExpressVPN DNS servers.
  • Show ExpresssVPN app MacOS in your Menu Bar, Dock, or both.
Set advanced preferences for ExpressVPN app Mac OS.
Advanced options for ExpressVPN app Mac OS.

It’s that easy! Within a few moments you can customize your entire ExpressVPN experience.

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