ExpressVPN has your back

Many experts and analysts consider ExpressVPN the best VPN in the industry. Your team at I Want My VPN! has acquired the ExpressVPN one-year package and has subjected the service to the demands of today’s modern remote workers, gig workers, entrepreneurs, employees, gamers, and students We discovered that ExpressVPN has your back.

What does it mean to “have your back?” Well, the Urban Dictionary helps explain the meaning of the term:

ExpressVPN has your back

Having someone’s back is an idiomatic expression meaning that you’re watching out for that person, basically taking care and protecting that person from harm.

What does it mean?

Who’s better than the Urban Dictionary at explaining what words mean?

ExpressVPN: “We Have Your Back”

Having someone’s back is an idiomatic expression meaning that you’re watching out for that person, basically taking care and protecting that person from harm.

Backing someone up is also an idiomatic expression meaning that you will support that person in word and deed.

ExpressVPN has “Got Your Back”

When someone has your back, they are there to support you unconditionally. When life seems to blindside you with undesirable events, they’re there for you without complaint, supporting you in your moment of need, not for their own selfish, self gratifying reasons, but because your well being to them is foremost in their mind and heart. A lover not only does the above, but is flexible in mind and heart to make the necessary changes and sacrifices in their own lives if they know it is something that enhances yours.

Someone that has your back recognize the goodness, even the greatness in you, especially during the moments you’re not willing or able to see it. Simply stated, when someone has your back, your life is greatly enhanced.

ExpressVPN “Always has your back”

If somebody “always has your back” it means that they are always there to support you, protect you, help you, etc.
Your best friends, family members, etc. are people that usually always have your back.

Do you get the picture?

ExpressVPN isn’t there just so they, as a company, can earn a profit: ExpressVPN exists to protect you. ExpressVPN supports you. When you have ExpressVPN on your side, your life is greatly enhanced.

How does ExpressVPN have your back?

ExpressVPN gives you the technology you need to stay safe online.

ExpressVPN keeps you safe at work and school

An ExpressVPN survey shows that 78% of bosses use surveillance software on their employees. The survey also shows that this surveillance stresses-out workers.

ExpressVPN let’s you bypass surveillance, creating a secure encrypted tunnel from your workstation, laptop, or smartphone, through your employer’s server and out into the free world of the internet.

Safely use public Wi-Fi

When you use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone at Starbucks, who do you think is watching? Who do you think is downloading your personal data, rifling through your photos and emails, while impersonating you to apply for credit cards and loans?

If you answered, “I don’t know,” you’re not alone. Hackers camp out at coffee shops, libraries, airports, restaurants, and other public locations for the sole purpose of stealing your identity along with your personal and business data.

ExpressVPN ends that. It creates an encrypted tunnel that passes through Starbucks’ Wi-Fi, so no one can gain access to either your device or your data.

ExpressVPN gives you some of the best “life hacks” on the internet

Keep an open mind and you’ll find many new ways to use ExpressVPN to improve your life.

Save money with your VPN

Did you know that websites display different prices to different people based on where they live? They find out where you live by checking your IP address, a personally identifiable unique number given to you by your Internet Service Provider. Your ISP may be your cable company, DSL company, mobile phone provider, or your school’s network administrator.

Online retailers, airlines, and other corporations might charge you more just because you have an IP address that’s based in a high-income locality.

So-called “comparison” sites also discriminate against you based on your geographic location. That’s why you need ExpressVPN.

If you connect to ExpressVPN, you can change your apparent location, giving you a chance to find better prices on the products, goods, and services that you routinely buy.

Unblock content

Your school’s network administrator doesn’t want you watching porn, Netflix, TikToc, and other websites on school property.

At work, your employer’s network will also block porn, movies, torrents, social media, and other activities.

Netflix will decide what movies and shows you can watch based on your unique ISP-assigned IP address. Is that fair?

Who gave them the right to decide what you can do on your computer or smartphone?

Unblock content by connecting to ExpressVPN. You’ll send your data through an encrypted tunnel, so no one can tell what you’re doing online.

Get your freedom. Get ExpressVPN.

Defy your government

We live in an age of unprecedented censorship.

In the USA, a country that used to be known for liberty, the NSA and dozens of other national, state, and local agencies will spy on you just to keep track of what you’re doing.

Discover the thread by learning about 10 ways the NSA is spying on you right now.

We’ve recently found out that police and other “law enforcement” agencies will monitor your online data and rifle through your ISP’s logs IF you attended a rally or protest they don’t like.

Social and political activists spy on you to find out how you voted and to whom you donated money. They’ll use your online tracks to find out what church you attend and how you feel about issues such as White genocide, vaccines, communism, and other hot topics.

Defy your government by connecting to ExpressVPN before you do or say anything online. As long as you don’t provide personally identifiable credentials to the websites you visit, no one can trace your online activities to your personal IP address.

If your government issues a warrant or subpoena for your online data, ExpressVPN has nothing to surrender. The firm operates a verified logs-free VPN in a jurisdiction that has no data retention laws.

End buffering

ISPs use content throttling technologies to prevent you from using “too much bandwidth” when you play online games and stream online video content. That’s why you often spend time watching your content “buffer” while it accumulates enough data to display to you.

ExpressVPN helps you end buffering by sending your data through an encrypted tunnel. Your ISP can’t tell when you’re watching video, so your ISP loses their opportunity to throttle your connection.

Starve Google

Google and other internet search engines collect your search data, associate it with your IP address, and then sell the information to marketing corporations. Google uses your data to create targeted ads that predict what you will buy.

Stop Google from growing its wealth on your back. Connect to ExpressVPN when you use the internet and Google won’t know who is searching for what. In fact, they won’t know that you, personally, are searching for anything.

Trusted Server Technology

ExpressVPN servers never store data to hard drives, a technology that ensures that the entire ExpressVPN system stays synchronized and never leaves behind traces of your online activities.

When ExpressVPN servers restart, they reinstall their operating systems, flushing away any potential malware, spyware, or viruses

Use ExpressVPN tools to verify your safety

Connect to ExpressVPN before you use the internet. We must warn you, however, to verify your connection before you perform any confidential or mission-critical activities.

Use ExpressVPN’s specialized tools to give you the necessary confidence before taking any risks online.

Check server status

Did you know that you can check the status of all 160 ExpressVPN server locations in one place? It’s true. All you have to do is visit the ExpressVPN’s VPN server locations page.

There, you’ll see a list of every ExpresVPN server location along with their VPN protocol options

Safe web browsing

Practically every device you use has a web browser. Unfortunately, web browsers are the weakest link in your online experience. ExpressVPN can help.

Secure your device first

In an informative article, “The safe browsing guide: 21 ways to protect yourself online,” ExpressVPN suggests that you start your safe web browsing experience by resetting your device. That way you can remove any malware, spyware, and other security vulnerabilities that have crept onto your device over the years.

You should also make sure you only install apps that you need to use and come from trusted sources.

Choose your web browser

Not every browser is equal. Some options have better security features than others. Use this guide to choose the browser that’s best for you.

You’ll need to pay special attention to your browser settings to make sure you’ve chosen options that protect your data and privacy. You should carefully choose the right search engine. For instance, whenever possible, avoid Google, one of the world’s most notorious privacy abusers.

Understand incognito mode

Incognito mode doesn’t keep your data private. It helps you control cookies and web histories; it doesn’t keep your tracks safe from your ISP, hackers, and snoops.

Disable WebRTC

Modern browsers include a devious technology, WebRTC, that leaks your actual IP address.

Learn more about the WebRTC vulnerability here. You can find ways to disable WebRTC leaks in most popular browsers.

Use strong passwords

Passwords are one of your greatest vulnerabilities because hackers have software that can programmatically cycle through likely combinations of letters and numbers.

We want you to use ExpressVPN’s password generator to make sure you use strong, random passwords that hackers can’t break.

ExpressVPN Lightway Protocol

ExpressVPN has your back by providing you with their Lightway VPN protocol. What is the ExpressVPN Lightway protocol? It’s the world’s fastest VPN protocol that ensures that you enjoy maximum streaming and download performance. Best of all, Lightway provides the best VPN security while minimizing operational overhead.

Use the ExpressVPN app

Most people who get ExpressVPN use ExpressVPN’s apps. When you log in to your account, you’ll see quick links that cover practically every app that you might need:

Download ExprewsVPN from your account login.
ExpressVPN apps available for download.

Options include:

  • ExpressVPN for Windows.
  • Mac.
  • iPhone, iPad, & iPod.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Android.
  • Chromebook.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • VPN-enabled routers.
  • Linux.
  • Fire TV & Kindle Fire.
  • Linux.
  • Apple TV.
  • Xbox.
  • PlayStation.
  • Smart Home Devices.
  • MediaStreamer.
  • Manual configurations.

I Want My VPN! has your back. has your back. We want you to get a fantastic deal on ExpressVPN right now. Protect your identity. Protect your family and business. Unblock the internet and enjoy it securely and anonymously.

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