Free Internet with VPN

Ordinarily, you would use a VPN to encrypt your internet data and pass it through a secure web server before routing it through the internet to its destination. Sometimes, you might use a VPN to connect two networks via the internet securely. But, did you know that you enjoy free internet with VPN internet access?

IT developers first created VPNs to connect multiple networks for use by corporations, universities, and government entities. This capability gave these organizations a chance to create a single secure system to unite their workforces. Soon, however, VPNs became a vital tool for mitigating the effects of internet censorship.

Now, in some cases, people can use VPNs to obtain free internet access. Although VPN free internet is an exception, not the rule, you can continue reading to give it a try.

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Free Internet Access [FAQ]

Free internet access via a VPN may seem like a far-fetched idea. However, the possibility of accessing the internet via several loopholes exists. In such a role, your VPN service passes your internet traffic through unconventional ports.

Does VPN give you free internet?

No. Although you may get free internet with VPN, such tactics may cause you legal problems. Proper use of a VPN requires you to have legal access to a Wi-Fi or wired internet connection.

What is VPN free internet?

VPN free internet, for some people, involves accessing the internet via a VPN using loopholes in an ISP or corporate network.

However, when we talk about VPN free internet, we usually are describing how a VPN can provide you with freedom on the internet.

Also, you might consider the ad blocking capabilities of NordVPN to give you online freedom.

Can I get free internet with VPN?

A VPN works with an existing internet connection. If you want to use free internet at Starbucks or at the airport, connect to a VPN first. That way, you can safely use public Wi-Fi.

NordVPN can also help you safely access NordLocker, the secure file storage and transfer app from the developers of NordVPN.

Can VPN give free internet?

Sometimes, you can use VPN to get free internet. Trying to steal internet from an ISP or company can lead to criminal charges. But, if you want to be free, a VPN can help you get the online security and privacy you deserve.

NordVPN has a custom protocol called NordLynx that can help you securely use the internet.

Network Loopholes

Continue reading to learn about some loopholes that you could exploit to get free internet access with your VPN.

ICMP Exploit

Many network administrators use ICMP (Ping) to assess connectivity issues. Therefore, many networks have ICMP open. You can test for this condition by opening a command prompt (or terminal window) and trying to ping a website. If you receive pingback replies, you’ll have a chance to use this opening to gain free internet access.

DNS Exploit

Web browsers send DNS traffic to “resolve” URLs into IP addresses. Essentially, the DNS system makes the internet easy to use. For this reason, in many business and academic settings, firewalls allow DNS traffic to pass UDP traffic via port 53 freely.

If your VPN service gives you access to UDP on port 53, you’ll have a chance to pass ordinary VPN traffic via DNS servers.

Exploiting Host Headers

If your VPN allows you to add a custom header to your online traffic, you may have a chance to circumvent your ISP’s restrictions. As a result, you might gain free internet access. This method works best when you have an ISP that allows you to access some “free” content without first paying for a service plan.

Other Paths to Free Internet Access

Many ISPs have open ports through which you can route ISP traffic. One example, UDP port 9200, gives you the ability to exploit the WAP Connectionless Wireless Session Protocol.

Many ISPs have open ports through which you can route ISP traffic. One example, UDP port 9200, gives you the ability to exploit the WAP Connectionless Wireless Session Protocol.

Ports range from one to 65535, so many opportunities exist. As you try your ISP’s ports, remember to match your local ports for each protocol properly. For instance, you may only originate UDP/TCP packets to and from a specific combination of internal and external ports.

Can You Get Free Internet with VPN?

I don’t guarantee that any of the above exploits will work. After all, circumstances vary among ISPs, WiFi networks, VPNs and businesses.

I don’t recommend that you try to get free internet with VPN. If you’re not careful, you may break one or more laws while trying to avoid paying for your internet service.

Rather than take risks, Sign up for a paid internet service account. Afterward, visit the I Want My VPN store to get the best VPN deals on the world’s top VPN services.

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