How can a company that hires remote workers use a VPN?

Ever since COVID, employees and employers have a renewed interest in remote work. As a business owner, you can let your employees stay productive by connecting to your network and online resources through a VPN. Do you still wonder, “How can a company that hires remote workers use a VPN?” Continue reading to get your answer.

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VPNs improve online safety and security for all users. As a business owner, you can require your remote workers to use a VPN while working for you.

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How can a company that hires remote workers use a VPN?

Most business owners want to keep expenses low. Workers connecting to your network from home could cost you more than you think. After all, each remote worker increases the exposure of your proprietary data to hackers, competitors, and snoops.

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Without VPN, you have no control

When you allow employees to work from home, you lose control.

Your remote workers use their personal phones, computers, and other devices to interact with your business. Their devices may have viruses and malware that can infect your business systems.

Also, you have no control over where and how they connect.

For example, if a remote worker connects to you via Starbucks Wi-Fi, hackers can gain access to your data. What happens next?

Remote workers may work from home, hotels, bars, libraries, and airports. All such places have Wi-Fi networks you can’t control.

According to an article published by the Denver Post, 60% of hacked businesses close within 6 months of the incident.

Cybersecurity suddenly sounds important. Doesn’t it?

Every time you interact with remote workers, you create innumerable opportunities for hackers.

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It’s up to you to require all your remote workers to connect to a VPN before they go online.

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