How to Cancel NordVPN Subscription

NordVPN delivers industry-leading security and ease of use. For this reason, most people want to keep it. Sometimes, you might stop using NordVPN because you no longer need or want it. Continue reading to learn how to cancel NordVPN subscription.

Why do I need to cancel NordVPN?

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You might not like NordVPN. Maybe you haven’t taken time to learn how NordVPN works.

That’s OK.

Some people change jobs and their new employer provides a VPN at no cost to you.

Maybe getting a new IP address doesn’t matter to you anymore.

If you want a whole house VPN, contact NordVPN support, because – if you have a VPN-enabled router – you can protect your entire network with one NordVPN subscription.

Regardless of the reason for discontinuing NordVPN, you must cancel the service. If you don’t, the NordVPN system will automatically bill your payment card for renewal when your subscription expires.

How to Cancel NordVPN Subscription after 30 days

Begin by logging into your NordVPN account.

NordVPN has a new unified login portal you can use to access all your related services, including NordLocker, NordVPN, and NordPass.

The URL for the new portal is

Use your NordAccount to manage your NordVPN services.
Manage all your Nord accounts from a single login.

Next, click NordVPN in the lefthand column.

On the next screen, you’ll see when your subscription expires. Also, you’ll see a toggle button for “Auto Renew.”

Turn off NordVPN auto renew.
Turn off NordVPN auto renew.

Finally, slide the toggle button to the “off” position.

Confirm your decision in the dialog window that appears.

Now, your NordVPN account will not auto renew. You have canceled your NordVPN subscription.

You can continue to use NordVPN until your current subscription has expired.

NOTE: After 30 days, you cannot get any type of refund for your NordVPN subscription.

How to Cancel NordVPN subscription before 30 days.

NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re dissatisfied with NordVPN or just don’t want to keep it, you can cancel within that timeframe. When you do, you’ll get a full refund.

Contact NordVPN customer support via either live chat or email. Ask them to cancel your account and issue a full refund.

After a few days, check your bank or credit card account to see if you’ve received your refund. If your refund seems to take too long, contact NordVPN customer service.

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