How to setup a VPN at school

You’ve made a great decision to choose a school VPN. Now what? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to setup a VPN at school.

Get ready to setup a VPN at school by reviewing our infographic.

This shows how a VPN can unblock Instagram at school (Click to enlarge).

Read our VPN at school infographic.
Our infographic explains using VPN at school.

How to set up a VPN at school

Step One: Sign up for a VPN service. We recommend CactusVPN to unblock Instagram at school.

NOTE: Your school’s network administrator might block VPN sign up sites. In other words, you might have to sign up for your VPN account either at home or at an off-campus site such as a coffee shop.

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Step Two: Determine your mode of connection.

• If you want to use a school computer, you’re going to see if you can modify its settings. (Caution: Many schools “lockdown” their computers so students can’t make any changes). If you can, set up your VPN client on the computer only for your user profile.

• If you’re connecting to your school Wi-Fi via your computer, tablet or smartphone, install your VPN client on your device.

POWER TIP: Unblocking school networks with a VPN works best when you use your personal laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Step Three: Connect to a VPN server via your VPN client.

When you’re at school, connect to your VPN server using your VPN service’s app. After connecting, you can freely access blocked sites.

Step Four: You have now unblocked Instagram and any other site that’s blocked by your school’s network.

Be careful. If you bypass school Wi-Fi to access porn or other questionable content, you might offend other students. Also, you might get yourself in trouble with your school’s administrators.

Step Five: Enjoy anonymous, secure access to the Internet via an encrypted VPN tunnel!

Don’t stop now!

Your experience with VPN technology is already solving real-world problems and opening new opportunities.

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