Imperva Cloud Application Security

Some websites block VPN traffic. To do this, they depend on other companies, such as Imperva Cloud Security Services. Such businesses designate all VPN-enabled visitors as bad.

Sadly, you pay for your VPN service. You want to improve your privacy. Other companies want to render your investment as useless.

Imperva Cloud Application Security

Many services exist that specialize in the discovery of VPN IP addresses. They use their knowledge to sell anti-VPN services to website owners.

To give you an example of what Imperva Cloud Application Security does, check out the below image from

Imperva Cloud Application Security assumes all VPN users are bad.
Imperva Cloud Application Security blocks VPN users.

Why are you telling me about Imperva Cloud Application Security?

Challenges await every VPN user. Many websites employ anti-VPN technologies and services such as Imperva Cloud Application Security. Sure, we question the ethics of such websites and services. Still, you will encounter them as you browse the web.

What should I do about Imperva Cloud Application Security?

Visit and use the “Contact Us” information to contact Imperva Cloud Application Security. Explain to them that their service violates your human right to privacy. Also, contact sites that use Imperva’s services (such as Tell them that they’re losing your business because of their egregious anti-privacy policies.

We recommend that you avoid all businesses and websites that use anti-VPN technologies to violate your online security and privacy.

Get a dedicated IP address for your VPN.

Some VPN services offer you the option of getting a dedicated IP address. The address stays unique to you and, therefore, remains off most online block lists.

If you want to try a dedicated VPN IP address, we recommend that you get TorGuard. If you choose the VPN Pro package, you’ll get a dedicated IP address as part of your service plan. You’ll also gain access to TorGuard’s 10 gigabit VPN servers. Also, with TorGuard’s VPN Pro plan, you can connect up to 12 devices to TorGuard with a single subscription.

How can I get a VPN?

Most online resources do not block VPN traffic. If you encounter a problem, contact your VPN service for assistance. VPN services often can recommend a server to you that isn’t blocked by a particular website. We recommend that you get NordVPN if you value exceptional customer service and tech support.

Are you having a problem with Imperva Cloud Application Security?

We can’t directly help you solve problems with Imperva Cloud Application Security. We can, however, report your experiences for the world to see.

If you encounter a website that blocks VPN traffic, please send us the URL and the name of the VPN-blocking service. Also, if you contact a VPN blocker, please let us know about the response you receive. Send your information to

Going Further with VPN

Despite some challenges, a VPN can dramatically increase your online privacy, anonymity, and security.

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