Why do you want Instagram unblocked for school? Does it matter?

You should be able to do whatever you want with your phone or computer. Right?

You might want to post pics of scary cafeteria food. You might want to check-in with friends who attend a different school. You don’t have class right now, so why not?

So, you navigate to the Instagram website and you get the dreaded message, “Couldn’t refresh the feed,” from your Instagram app. In other words, Instagram is blocked at your school.

Chances are, your school’s network administrator has blocked Instagram as a result of official school policy.

Therefore, while your phone is connected to school WiFi, you’re blocked from visiting that site.

Still, if you’re like me, you need Instagram for school.

First, you can use Instagram to stay in touch with your friends. School’s much more fun when you can share your gross food, goofy videos, athletic achievements, and exquisite fashion with the world.

Furthermore, you often can use Instagram to stoke your artistic creativity, get content for reports, and relieve boredom.

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If not, keep reading to find out how a VPN can unblock Instagram.

What is Instagram?

As a social media platform, Instagram is positioned to enable people to easily create and share photos. The site provides a huge selection of filters and custom effects that can help you have fun and create a unique look for your content.

After taking a photo and applying filters to it, you can share it via your Instagram feed and add comments and hashtags. People who like your content can “like” it. They can even choose to follow you.

Like other social networks, Instagram gives you a way to share your daily routine and other activities with the world.

This Social Media platform allows people to share with the world their daily routine, activities, and actions, and show off their lifestyle, holidays and wealth. Celebrities are turning towards Instagram to increase their exposure, and businesses are also making use of this potent social media tool.

How do I unblock my Instagram account?

Officially, Instagram has a “terms of use” policy with which you must comply. If you violate Instagram’s terms of services, you could get blocked.

Sometimes, Instagram will temporarily block your account. This can happen when the site’s algorithms flag you for suspected spam or other undesirable conduct. In many cases, a temporary ban will automatically go away after 24 hours.

Instagram might temporarily partially block your account. This can happen if you follow too many users in too short of a time period. In such a case, the system will prevent you from following additional users until a cooling-off period expires.

Permanent bans are the most difficult to resolve. You must follow a prescribed appeal process to make your case for having your Instagram account restored.

Although Instagram claims to block your account based on a violation of their terms of use, you can get blocked for a slew of undocumented reasons. For instance, recently, Instagram has blocked hundreds of accounts for having political, social, or religious views with which Instagram’s management disagrees.

If your Instagram user account is blocked, we recommend that you follow the site’s guidelines for appealing their decision. Get some more advice on how to unblock your Instagram account here.

Do you want to try opening a new Instagram account yourself? If so, I recommend that you do so with a new IP address. Of course, one of the easiest ways to get a new IP address is by first connecting to a VPN.

If you try this, remember that if you ever log in to your new Instagram account from an IP address that’s associated with your blocked account, Instagram will close your new account.

Now, if your Instagram account is in good standing but you school has blocked Instagram, continue reading. I can help you.

Instagram unblocked for school

Commercially available school Wi-Fi systems can block entire categories of software with a few clicks of a mouse. As a result, network administrators can quickly and easily block a large number of websites from their networks.

Incidentally, the same type of network management tools that are used in school are found in the workplace. Consequently, you may need to unblock Instagram at school and work.

Your school or employer can read the URLs and IP addresses that your phone or computer tries to access. Therefore, blocking particular sites and resources is easy for them to do.

Fight Bullying

Numerous high-profile social media bullying cases have prompted schools to address the problem. One way they do this is by blocking Instagram and other popular social networks.

Sure, the school can’t control what you do while you’re at home or work. However, they can try to control what you’re doing while your devices are connected to their network.

Are you a bully? If so, shame on you. Cyberbullying is unacceptable. Try being nice, OK?

So, don’t try to unblock Instagram for the wrong reasons.

Reduce liability

They do this for reasons beyond making life difficult for you.

If you’ve tried to visit porn sites, for example, you probably understand why.

Schools want to make sure that students don’t access potentially offensive material.

Seriously, they probably don’t care except for the thought of lawsuits by offended faculty, staff, and students.

So, the network administrator prevents all users from accessing any porn site.

Your school may also block cyberbullying websites and other potentially problematic content.

You can learn more about using a VPN for school at this website.

What about torrents?

I bet, if you tried to download torrents on your school’s network, you’d be blocked. Torrents are frequently used to download copyrighted material such as computer software, music, and movies. To avoid becoming liable for illegal downloads, schools will usually block torrent traffic.

Conserve resources

What if everyone in your school was watching videos at the same time? It could either crash the network or slow it down.

So, your network’s administrator may block YouTube as well as other video and graphics content just to make sure that everyone can perform their school-related functions.

Student focus

You’re supposed to learn at school. Try to wrap your head around that astounding statement.

For this reason, your school may block social media and other attention-sucking sites just to help you stay focused.

Please thank them.

Unblock Instagram with VPN

You probably need to use Instagram for school projects. Even at work, you have legitimate reasons why you need to log in. However, your network administrator will probably refuse to unblock Instagram for you.

For this reason, you need to take things into your own hands. It’s up to you to unblock Instagram.

A VPN can help you unblock Instagram and other content from school WiFi. Here’s how.

When you connect to a VPN server, your school’s network sees that you’re making an ordinary connection to the internet. So, it lets it through.

After connecting to your VPN, an encrypted tunnel exists between your device and your VPN server. As long as your data goes through that tunnel, your school doesn’t know what sites you are visiting.

Even better, you receive a new, anonymous IP address from your VPN provider, so no one knows that you’re accessing Instagram from school.

To Instagram, you may look like you’re logging in from a different city or country.

So, all the data going between your smartphone and Instagram is invisible to your school’s network.

That’s why your school can’t block Instagram while you’re connected to a VPN!

Of course, this same tactic may work for you if you want to unblock Netflix, Facebook, porn, games, torrents, and other “forbidden” content.

Act Now!

Regardless of whether you choose NordVPN, TorGuard or another VPN service, you have several payment options available, including monthly, annual, and multiyear plans.

You can afford it, so get Instagram unblocked for school right now. OK?