Instagram isn’t as big as other social networks. At least, not yet. The site is rapidly becoming mandatory for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of visual learning. Unfortunately, due to restrictions on WiFi at school and work, many students and employees need to have Instagram unblocked before they can use it.

Instagram has a unique selling proposition (USP) that lets users use short videos and photos to tell their stories. The site has exploded in popularity as “selfies” become even more popular.

Like practically every other social media site, Instagram is now used for more than personal fun and pleasure. Students – especially artists – use the site to share their work and find ideas. Similarly, professionals as diverse as marketers and product designers also benefit from the site.

Of course, Instagram is also a fantastic place where students, job seekers, and freelancers can get their work noticed and build their personal brand.

Unfortunately, many schools consider Instagram as a needless diversion that distracts students from learning. Additionally, network administrators intentionally block Instagram to save bandwidth.

Many workplaces block Instagram for similar reasons.

Meanwhile, while you’re traveling, you might find out that public Wi-Fi doesn’t block Instagram, BUT they leave your system open to hackers and snoopers.

Here, you’ll learn about what you need to do to securely use Instagram unblocked wherever you go.

Instagram Unblocked

To use Instagram unblocked wherever you go, you’re going to need either:

  • A smart DNS service or
  • A VPN service.
  • An Instagram account.

If you simply want to bypass school WiFi restrictions, a Smart DNS service will do. However, if you want to maximize your security, privacy, and anonymity, you’re going to want to use a full-fledged VPN.

A VPN will create a dedicated, encrypted data pipeline through your school’s WiFi network to your VPN server. When you do this, your network administrator or ISP know that you have a connection, but doesn’t know what sites you are accessing. That’s why they can’t block your Instagram while you are using a VPN.

As you use the web, the VPN server manages requests from your web browser, leaving tracks with your VPN server’s IP address, not yours. Assuming you choose a VPN service that doesn’t keep logs, governments and corporations will not be able to tie your internet use directly back to you.

DON’T FORGET: When you log into your unblocked Instagram account, Instagram will have a record of your activities because of your unique login-credentials.

On the downside, using a VPN adds additional overhead to your data connection and, therefore, can slow you down. How much speed degradation you experience depends on the performance of your VPN provider as well as the speed and bandwidth of your school WiFi connection.

When you choose to use a Smart DNS, you unblock Instagram by bypassing your school’s DNS servers which are used to control internet access. This method has little or no impact on speed, but your school, hackers, and snoopers can easily intercept data sent between your computer and the destinations that you visit.

In other words, Smart DNS is good for speed but does nothing to help you with security, anonymity, and privacy.

Special considerations for getting Instagram Unblocked

PCs owned by schools (such as those installed in classrooms, libraries, and computer labs, are locked-down via system and group policies. This means that you may not be able to access the software and settings on these machines that are needed to configure and operate a VPN or Smart DNS.

Of course, if you have your own PC or laptop computer or have a smartphone or tablet device, you have full control and can, therefore, install the resources needed to use your VPN at school. The same holds true for employees who work in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.

Step 1: Choose a VPN provider

Choose from one of our recommended VPN services. For example, you could choose the below special offer from NordVPN.

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CactusVPN is another recommended service. The company operates gigabit-speed VPN servers that are located in numerous countries around the world, including the USA and UK.

You’ll also enjoy the easy-to-configure applications provided by CactusVPN. They run on Windows and Mac. Versions for mobile Android and iOS devices are also available.

Step 2: Configure your service and connect to a VPN server

When you use the standalone apps that your VPN provider supplies, connecting to a VPN is usually an easy process. However, if you want to configure your home router to send traffic through your VPN, you will probably have a more complicated experience.

Step 3 – Visit Instagram

Now that you have unblocked Instagram with a VPN, you’ll have full, secure, and private access to the site via your favorite web browser.

Instagram unblocked with Smart DNS

Some smart DNS services do not unblock Instagram. For this reason, you must carefully choose your service provider. If the service does not explicitly say on their website that they unblock Instagram, contact their customer service to find out. Do this before you sign up. is an example of a smart DNS service that usually unblocks Instagram.

After buying your service, set it up and enjoy access to unblocked Instagram!


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