How to Download and Install Sufshark VPN

Download and install Surfshark for MacOS

Are you interested in being safe online? If so, you should consider using Surshark, a verified, anonymous VPN that encrypts your data and unblocks restricted online resources. Before you buy, learn how to download and install Surfshark VPN.

By learning from our experience, you can make an informed decision when you’re ready to buy.

How to Download and Install Surfshark VPN

I’ve never installed Surfshark before. So, join me as I figure this out.

I’ll show you screen shots for every step, so you know what to expect when you set up Surfshark

Step 1 – Visit the Surfshark website.

Go to That’s pretty easy. However, it’s even easier if you use our link.

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Step 2 – Log in to Surfshark

Use the login credentials you created when you bought Surfshark to loginto the Surfshark website.

Surfshark login screen

Step 3 – Download the Surfshark App

Click the “Mac OS” icon to get Surfshark for Mac.

Surfshark download options

You’ll have a choice to either download Surfshark from the App Store or download the .DMG setup file.

Install Surfshark either from Apple App Store or via disk image file

I chose to download the Surfshark .DMG file.

Save the file to disk

Step 4 – Install the Surfshark application

Navigate to Surfshark.dmg using Finder and then double-click the file to launch it.

Your Mac will verify the installation file.

Wait while MacOS verifies the file

When the Surfshark installer screen appears, you’ll know what to do.

Simply drag the icon on the left to the “Applications” folder on the right.

Move the Surfshark app file into the applications folder

Congratulations! You have now installed Surfshark for Mac.

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