Install Surfshark VPN on iOS iPhone [Video]

See how to install Surfshark VPN on iOS (iPhone). If you haven’t yet bought Surf shark VPN get the best deal with our exclusive link.

Install Surfshark VPN on iOS

Surfshark makes VPN apps that work on Windows, MacOS, and Linux desktops and laptops.

Surfshark also supplies browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

For Smart TV’s, Surfshark VPN has solutions for Fire TV 2 (and later) as well as Android TV (Android OS 5.0 and later).

For phones and tablets, Surfshark VPN supports Android and iOS devices.

How to install Surfshark VPN on iOS

To quickly install Surfshark VPN on iOS, log in to your Surfshark account.

On your main screen, in the righthand panel, scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see the header, “Phones & Tablets.”

You’ll also see a QR code that you can scan with your iPhone or iPad. This will take you directly to the Surfshark app in the Apple iOS App Store.

Install Surfshark iOS from your VPN account login page.
Install Surfshark VPN for iOS from your Surfshark account page.

Why is this the best way to install Surfshark?

We’ve noticed an occassional fake app that tries to trick you into installing. It looks a lot like Surfshark, but it could install malware onto your device.

By depending on Surfshark to guide you to the correct app, you have assurance that you’ve installed the genuine Surfshark VPN app.

Installing the Surfshark VPN app

For the most part, Surfshark for iOS installs like a standard app from the App Store.

Check out the following video to see how the installation process went for us.

Video: Install Surfshark VPN on iOS

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