Who doesn’t like free movies? Why pay when you can stream your favorite flicks via Putlocker? Have you ever stopped to wonder, “Is Putlocker legal?”

No one here’s a lawyer, so if you get busted watching illegal movies or uploading stuff to Putlocker, it’s your fault.

However, we want you to get your question answered, so any “complications” don’t catch you off guard.

Is Putlocker Legal?

<em>Is Putlocker legal</em>? This question haunts many people who love the idea of accessing free movies.

Technically, pirated movies are illegal. In some countries, a platform such as Putlocker that streams illegal movies is illegal. In other countries, Putlocker itself is legal, but the content it serves is illegal.

Still, the questions become even more complicated when you wonder if it’s legal to watch videos via Putlocker. Again, this is a matter of jurisdiction.

In some countries, video streaming is OK because the viewer is technically never in possession of contraband data.

However, this perspective has been challenged in some cases by claiming that temporary cache files stored on a user’s hard drive constitute the illegal possession of copyrighted material.

Should Putlocker be legal?

We believe in free speech. We also believe in a reasonable amount of copyright protection. However, we also oppose the tyranny of governments and global entertainment corporations.

Although we don’t advocate people breaking the law, we believe that the pursuit of copyright violators is out of control.

So, if you’re unhappy with the laws and rules that govern online streaming videos in your area, we encourage you to lead a movement that demands meaningful changes.

Have you considered safety?

Is Putlocker safe? From a legal perspective, Putlocker may not be safe, but is it safe for you and your computer?

Again, the answer is complicated. In most cases, watching Putloker requires you to accept cookies and deal with tons of popup advertisements.

Many Putlocker users report that browser windows open that attempt to download malware, spyware, and adware applications. Some windows that open may trick you into giving a rogue website control over your computer.

Should I avoid Putlocker?

What you do with Putlocker is your choice. If you want to be certain that you don’t fall victim to either the law or malware, avoid it.

However, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on movies, you should take steps to preserve your safety.

Generally speaking, your best opportunity to protect yourself is to disconnect your personal identity from your online behavior.

In the online world, this involves your IP address. The Putlocker website and servers store logs that contain the IP address of every user who has visited the site and used the service. Copyright holders, government agencies, law enforcement, doxxers, and other third parties can trace your IP address to your ISP.

Your ISP will then identify you as the user of that IP address, even if the requestors don’t have a subpoena.

However, if no one can associate your ISP-assigned IP address with Putlocker, you’re safe from legal implications.

Before we get into hiding your IP address, some practical tips can go a long way to making Putlocker safer for you to use.

Take sensible precautions

Before you attempt to use Putlocker, take some common-sense precautions:

  • Install a reputable antivirus application on your device.
  • Perform a thorough security audit for your device (and take remedial action).
  • Install an ad blocker such as uBlock Origin in your web browser.
  • In your browser settings, disable popups.
  • Configure your firewall.
  • Use a VPN.

Does a VPN make Putlocker safe?

A VPN can dramatically increase your online safety, privacy, and anonymity. Therefore, a VPN can help you stay safe while using Putlocker.

To put it differently, always connect to a paid VPN service before visiting a Putlocker website.

VPN Anonymity with Putlocker

When you connect to your VPN service, you receive a new IP address. This means that your online behavior can’t be traced back to your ISP and, subsequently, to you.

Of course, you need to carefully choose your VPN provider> After all, some VPNs store server logs.

Protect your identity

How would you like to get busted for using Putlocker after paying for a VPN? You wouldn’t. That’s why IwantMyVPN.com only recommends VPN services that have strict “no log” policies.

So, if you use an anonymous VPN that doesn’t store logs or track you, law enforcement and corporate spies can’t identify you and take legal action against you.

Defend against malicious apps

A VPN cloaks your ISP-provided IP address, making it difficult for hackers and malicious apps to steal your identity.

Even if bad actors discover your IP address, it’s not your official IP address. Your VPN server has safeguards in place that prevent malicious incoming data.

So, after you disconnect from your VPN, you will no longer be susceptible to attack.

Also, when you reconnect with your VPN, you will probably have a different IP address than the one you had before.

Furthermore, some VPN services, such as NordVPN have a built-in feature that proactively prevents you from downloading advertisements and malware (See below image from NordVPN settings).

Is Putlocker Legal NordVPN

Avoid Geo restrictions with VPN

Some countries and/or ISPs restrict access to Putlocker. If this happens to you, connect to a VPN server that’s in a different geographic location. Afterward, your online traffic will appear to come from that country rather than yours.

In effect, you can use a VPN to unblock Putlocker.

Unblock Putlocker at school or work

If the WiFi at school or work blocks Putlocker or other content, you can use your VPN to unblock Putlocker.

Network administrators can block access to certain online content by changing their server settings. However, when you connect to a VPN, all your data goes through an encrypted tunnel.

This means that network administrators, ISPs, hackers, and snoops can’t tell what websites you visit.

Consequently, they won’t know when you connect to Putlocker.

Incidentally, you can also use a VPN to unblock Instagram at school as well as Netflix and other restricted content.

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Is Putlcoker legal? The answer is complicated. However, regardless of where you want to view Putlocker, a VPN can protect your identity and help you avoid legal scrutiny. Meanwhile, a VPN can also protect you from the malicious threats that are often associated with Putlocker usage.