Is Putlocker safe? Your friends use it. Having access to free movies is cool. But is Putlocker trustworthy?

You know that Putlocker can cut your entertainment costs, but does it keep you safe? To put it differently, is Putlocker safe to watch movies?

Continue reading and we’ll answer your questions about Putlocker safety.

Let’s begin by answering a few frequently asked questions:

Putlocker and free movies FAQ:

• Is Putlockers safe from viruses?

Many Putlockers will attempt to install malware and viruses on your computer. Moreover, some of the many popup windows and requests to control your computer can infect your system with ransomware. Some infections from Putlockers can add your computer into a cryptocurrency mining ring.

• Is Putlocker illegal?

In some jurisdictions, Putlocker is illegal. This means that Putlocker may be blocked in your area. Also, in some places, watching movies via Putlocker may be illegal. 

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t view copyrighted content without having a proper license. However, since Putlocker streams movies, you technically haven’t downloaded anything. For this reason, Putlocker users in the USA are usually safe.

• What free movie sites are safe to use?

When you use “free” video sites such as Putlocker, you’re paying for the service by being bombarded with ads and malicious popup windows. In other words, with “free” online services, you are the product.

• Is it illegal to watch a movie online for free?

Most of the time, watching a movie online for free isn’t illegal. However, in some jurisdictions around the world, it is. More often than not, uploading a movie to a free video site such as Putlocker is illegal. Also, saving a movie to your computer is usually illegal as is distributing copyrighted content.

• Is 123movies legal in the UK?

In the UK, internet service providers are required to block many illegal movie and TV streaming websites. Circumventing those restrictions is a crime. However, 123movies is known as the UK’s most popular pirate website. You can bypass government and ISP restrictions by using a Virtual Private Network.

• Why doesn’t work?

Various corporate entities and governments have banded together to prohibit the use of the domain. Consequently, other “official” Putlocker domains have emerged. Therefore, you may need to perform an internet search for Putlockers new site.

Right now, is working, but that URL can change without notice.

Additionally, many alternative Putlocker streaming sites have emerged. These can be more or less dangerous than the “official” Putlocker site, so exercise caution when accessing them.

• What, if anything, are you risking when you use Putlocker?

Every time you use Putlocker, your computer divulges your IP address. This means that you can be pursued by corporate and government entities for violating civil and criminal laws.

Also, by using Putlocker, you expose your computer to keyloggers, adware, malware, viruses, and ransomware threats. These can result in simple annoyances such as random advertisements popping up on your computer.

Malware can also facilitate identity theft. Hackers can also steal your passwords, banking data, and other sensitive information.

If you use your computer for work, you risk compromising your business’ information such as trade secrets and customer data.

• Is Putlocker safe to use?

If you’re aware of the legal consequences of using Putlocker in your jurisdiction, you can employ safeguards to keep you safe. Similarly, you can use online security apps to minimize the threat of malware.

If you’ll continue reading, you’ll learn how a Virtual Private Network can also improve your safety.

Still, regardless of the precautionary measures you take, you will always incur some risk while watching Putlocker.

The only way to stay 100% safe is to avoid using Putlocker.

• How do you start an online movie site like Putlocker?

Your first step is to find a privacy-oriented domain registrar who will allow you to secure a domain for use with legally questionable video streaming.

Similarly, you will need to find a web hosting provider who doesn’t mind you using their services for questionable activities.

Next, you’ll have to either create or acquire software that will allow users to upload links to their video content. In many ways, Putlockers work like bittorrents, so that should help you understand what you’ll have to do.

Of course, you could also scrape links from existing Putlocker sites and put them on your site.

The technicalities of starting an online movie site like Putlocker are beyond the scope of this article.

Also, doesn’t condone the use of pirated content or any other illegal activity.

• Where can I legally stream movies?

Consider searching YouTube and similar sites for movies to watch. Google, YouTube’s owner, constantly scans the site’s content for compliance, helping to ensure everything on YouTube is legal.

One example of a full movie that you can watch is Magadheera 2009 BluRay 720p Tamil Watch Online.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is one of the world’s most popular video streaming services. However, unlike sites such as Netflix, Putlocker is free.

Don’t expect to have a premium experience like you’d expect from Netflix: Putlocker is basically an index that contains links to streamable video content.

Also, unlike Netflix, you can’t go to a single Putlocker website. For this reason, your experience with Putlocker can drastically vary from one site to another.

As a matter of fact, there’s really no “official” Putlocker website.

Additionally, many Putlocker websites and domains worldwide are seized by authorities on behalf of corporate copyright holders.

Right now, if you attempt to visit, that domain will redirect you to a functioning Putlocker website.

I can’t access Putlocker!

Putlocker’s online status is in a constant state of flux. So, in your country or region, access to the site may be blocked.

Read the following account from Wikipedia:

In July 2017, the International Business Times reported that “15% of internet users in the UK are either infringing copyright through streaming or illegal downloads, with pirated TV material primarily accessed through Kodi (16%) or Putlocker (17%)”. In August 2017, Justice John Nicholas of the Federal Court of Australia ordered Australian internet service providers to block access to 42 piracy sites in a case brought by Village Roadshow, with Putlocker, KissCartoon, and GoMovies being among those ordered to be blocked.

So, in some cases, you may need to unblock Putlocker with a service like TorGuard before you can use the free streaming service.

How Does Putlocker Work?

Putlocker works a lot as a torrent site works. Putlocker sites don’t host any content. They only host links to content. The movies you watch actually stream from computers scattered around the world.

Putlocker differs from torrents in one way: You stream your movies rather than download them. This means that the content never actually resides on your devices, helping you to comply with copyright regulations.

For this reason, corporations and governments attack the Putlocker site rather than going after individual Putlocker users.

Still, sharing a movie to Putlocker can leave you open to legal complications.

Putlocker’s WOT Ratings

According to data generated by Web of Trust (WOT) (a browser plugin that collects community feedback about websites), 78% of users rate Pulocker as trustworthy. Also, 73% say that it’s safe for children

However, you should read some of the reviews left by Putlocker users. For instance, much of the negative feedback includes complaints about adware and pop-ups.

If you’re not careful, Putlocker can install stuff on your computer or device that you don’t want. Moreover, this adware may be difficult to remove from your system.

Users also report problems with for redirects that sometimes attempt to install malware and viruses.

Is Putlocker Safe?

For the most part, Putlocker is safe, but you should be sure not to allow anything to turn off your popup and advertising blockers. Also, avoid approving downloads or giving apps control over your computer.

For instance, many Putlocker videos come with strings attached. For instance, check out this one where you have to sign up for a “free” account on an unknown server before watching the movie.

Is Putlocker Safe?

You have no clue as to what will happen to your computer if you create the “free” account. So, be sure to have your popup and ad blockers activated along with your antivirus software.

Putlocker is a streaming service that works a lot like Netflix and Amazon Video. Actually, other services such as Hulu also are similar to Putlocker.

Putlocker is free. That helps to explain its popularity.

The free price also explains why so many people ask, “Is Putlocker legal?”.

Is Putlocker Legal?

You’re breaking the law if you illegally access copyrighted material via Putlocker. So, in many ways, Putlocker isn’t safe from a legal perspective. You could become liable under civil and criminal law if you stream illegal content.

Generally speaking, Putlocker is illegal to use in the European Union, Canada, and the United States.

Of course, technically speaking, the problem is how the illegal content is distributed. In some places, it’s illegal to download Intellectual Property from servers located in your country.

Use a VPN to access Putlocker

The servers and routers that operate the internet record the IP addresses of every user. Your IP address is a unique number that’s assigned to you by your internet service provider. So, if someone finds out your IP address, they can contact your ISP to find out your name and contact information.

Governments and corporations do this all the time. ISPs almost always cooperate by sharing your information with them.

In other words, what you do with Putlocker isn’t private. It’s public information that can negatively affect your life. Fortunately, an anonymous, paid VPN can help.

Connect to a VPN before using Putlocker

When you connect to a VPN, your data traffic between your computer or smartphone and your VPN server is sent through an encrypted tunnel.

Your Virtual Private Network assigns a new, anonymous IP address to your internet traffic, so no one can connect your online activities with the IP address that you got from your ISP.

Of course, your VPN provider knows your ISP-provided IP address. They also know what anonymous IP address was assigned to you. That’s why you must insist on using a paid VPN service that doesn’t keep logs.

To put it differently, a “free” service can give you a false sense of security.

Why an anonymous Virtual Private Network is a must

Log-free services such as TorGuard don’t record information that can associate you with online activity.

So, suppose that your ISP assigns you an IP address of Everywhere you go,  websites and servers will record that number. Therefore, anyone can trace your activity back to you.

After connecting to your VPN, you’ll get an IP address of Now, everywhere you go, your online tracks will leave that IP address.

TorGuard doesn’t store logs, so, if they receive a subpoena from a copyright holder, TorGuard won’t have any information to share.

Even if they could associate the IP address given to you by your Virtual Private Network and Internet Service Provider, the information would be inconclusive. This is because your anonymous IP address is usually a shared address. In other words, it can be used and reused by multiple users.

However, if you choose a service that keeps logs when you use Putlocker unblocked, you expose yourself to marketers, copyright holders, and law enforcement agencies.

HINT: A Virtual Private Network will specifically tell you that they don’t keep logs. If a service doesn’t state that as a fact, don’t use it. In other words, never assume that a service is anonymous.

Why insist on a paid VPN?

You should avoid using “Free” VPNs because many of them are scams. For instance, Facebook operates a fake Virtual Private Network that they use to record and track your online activities. It’s free, but you pay a hefty price.

Facebook uses the information to target you with advertisements. They can also surrender your activities to copyright holders and law enforcement agencies.

Simply put, when a VPN is supposed to be free, you’re paying for the service with your data and identity.

Don’t use “free” services. OK?

So, let’s put it all together.

Here’s the question people are asking all over the country:

Is Putlocker legal to use for watching movies?

Putlocker can be safe and legal to use. However, the answer for you depends on what content you stream and your location.

In many places, Putlocker is illegal because of laws and treaties that involve intellectual property rights. In some places, Putlocker is legal if and only if the video stream comes from outside the country. In many places, however, Putlocker is illegal regardless of its origin.

HINT: You can connect to a VPN server located outside of your country to make your internet traffic to appear to come from a different nation. 

Putlocker is safe if and only if it is used in conjunction with the best VPN service. By that, you need to have a Virtual Private Network provider that does not keep logs that can connect your online activity with your online activities.

Additionally, you need to use Putlocker with a service that doesn’t comply with demands from foreign governments. This means you should avoid any company that’s based in a Five Eyes country.

After getting your Virtual Private Network ready, you must consider one more thing: Is Putlocker OK to use at school or work. Even if you have shielded yourself with NordVPN, the best VPN for Putlocker, you need to be careful about the environment in which you use it.

Best VPNs for Putlocker

Is Putlocker safe if you’re using a VPN? You can’t expect to be completely safe, but a VPN can dramatically improve your safety while using Putlocker.

Stop taking risks. Buy Your VPN right now. 

You’re in the right place if you want to find the safest VPN services to use with Putlocker.

We only recommend services that the IwantMyVPN team has tested and verified to be safe, secure, trustworthy, and reliable.

With that being said, the best VPNs for Putlocker include:


TorGuard is one of our favorites because of its excellent customer service, optional features, and long track of success. When you choose TorGuard, you get log-free, anonymous VPN services along with myriad configuration options.

Is Putlocker Safe with TorGuard?

You can simultaneously connect up to five devices to TorGuard with a single login. You also have full control over protocols, ciphers, and other parameters.

We tested TorGuard with Putlocker and verified its performance. Therefore, we rate the service as the best VPN for Putlocker.

Please use our TorGuard link to sign up. When you do, you get the best deal and help support

Read our TorGuard review to learn more.


We recommend NordVPN for people who want an anonymous service that’s easy to use. With NordVPN, you don’t have to mess with all the settings that you’d get with TorGuard. Instead, the system can protect you with single-click access.

NordVPN offers innovative features. For instance, the “double VPN” feature routes your data through two geographically separated servers to maximize your anonymity.

NordVPN also provides an option to use built-in ad and malware blocking.

You can connect multiple devices to NordVPN with a single subscription.

NordVPN is also one of the fastest VPNs on the market. It comes highly rated by readers and other online reviews.

When you sign up, use our link to get NordVPN’s exclusive two-year deal. You’ll also support this website at no cost to you.

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CactusVPN is a fast, easy to use, anonymous Virtual Private Network service that works well with Putlocker. CactusVPN mobile and desktop apps are easy to install and balance user configurations with simplicity. We also give Cactus VPN high ratings for customer service and technical support.

Is Putlocker Safe with CactusVPN?

Sign up here using CactusVPN’s secure registration and payment process. We will never see or have access to your personal information.


One of the most highly rated services, ExpressVPN, gives you anonymous internet access and helps you to safely use Putlocker.

Is Putlocker Safe with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is the biggest paid service in the world and has been in business since 2009. The company is based in the British Virgin Islands (outside of U.S. jurisdiction).

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can use the service risk-free.

When you sign up for this Virtual Private Network, you’ll have the ability to chose from more than 1,700 VPN servers located in more than 94 countries.

ExpressVPN is also one of the fastest premium VPNs. Also, ExpressVPN provides a media streamer that makes it easy to use Putlocker on game consoles, Apple TV, Smart TVs, and other streaming. The media streamer makes it easy to unblock Netflix.

Please read our ExpressVPN review to learn more.

Before Using Putlocker

Is Putlocker safe for streaming video? You now know that there’s no right or wrong answer to the question. However, being aware of the implications Putlocker has to your online security, computer, and legal standing helps you make the decision that’s right for you.

If you choose to use Putlocker do these things first:

Install an antivirus application on your computer.

Install an adware blocker.

Last of all, have fun!