Israeli Spy Malware Firm Acquired Private Internet Access PIA

An Israeli spy malware firm acquired Private Internet Access PIA, a popular VPN service. The newly revealed transaction casts the entire PIA service under a cloud of suspicion and doubt.

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Israeli Spy Malware Firm Acquired Private Internet Access PIA

If you use Private Internet Access VPN, you expose your personal data to one of the world’s most renowned malware companies, Kape Technologies.

Kape Technologies is a front name for the Israeli adware and malware firm widely known as “Crossrider.”

NEWSFLASH: You are vulnerable if you get PrivateInternetAccess as your VPN solution. Of course, the choice is yours. Do you want to risk your personal and business data with a known malware and spyware provider? I don’t.

Forbes: Ex-Israeli Surveillance Agents Hijack Your Browser To Profit From Ads

Read this archived Forbes article to learn about the shadowy, nefarious, and untrustworthy Israelis who have co-opted the PIA VPN brand.

VPN Pro Exposé on PIA acquisition

VPN Pro has published additional information about the evil people who now control Private Internet Access VPN.

Kape Technologies was originally known as Crossrider until the name change in 2018. The reason for that was, as CEO Ido Erlichman put it, “strong association to the past activities of the company.” Perhaps that refers to infecting users’ devices with malware and adware, considered “high-risk” by Symantec and Malwarebytes.

If that wasn’t enough, Crossrider’s Founder and first CEO Koby Menachemi, was part of Unit 8200 – something that can be called Israel’s NSA. Another key person, Teddy Sagi, who is the main investor in both Crossrider and Kape Technologies, is mentioned in the Panama Papers.

Where do I learn more about the Private Internet Access PIA VPN fiasco?

Rather than republish all known information about the PIA’s acquisition by Crossrider / Kape, we want to refer you to the most comprehensive source of information on the matter.

The article, entitled, “Private Internet Access VPN to be acquired by malware company founded by former Israeli spy” is found at the following URL (we’re publishing the entire URL so you don’t have to worry about being redirected to malware):

Kape Technologies and CyberGhost VPN

Although we’ve never promoted CyberGhost VPN, we must warn you to not use it. According to an article published by CNet, Kape Technologies, the spyware, adware, malware, espionage firm that owns Private Internet Access VPN also owns CyberGhost. Read the article here.

Don’t trust CyberGhost VPN.

Kape Technologies and Zenmate VPN

Do you notice a pattern? Kape Technologies (Crossrider) is gaining many VPN brands and routing unsuspecting customers’ data through Israeli espionage agencies and malware firms.

Read about the Zenmate acquisition here.

Please, for your safety, do not buy Zenmate VPN. OK?

I Want My VPN! and Private Internet Access PIA is a relatively recent addition to the Private Internet Access affiliate program. Although you can still choose to get Private Internet Access VPN from us, we recommend that you don’t.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Now that I Want My VPN! has discovered the ties between Private Internet Access VPN (PIA) and Israeli adware, malware, spyware, and espionage firms, we cannot and will not recommend that anyone use Private Internet Access VPN (PIA) or any of its derivative services. If you need a VPN at school or work, choose NordVPN. The same recommendation applies to smart devices.

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