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Keep Solid VPN review

Keep Solid VPN specializes in protecting your privacy and boosting your productivity. Only the best professionals in the IT business comprise the team behind this well-known brand. Combined, they have decades of experience with internet safety and security.

Also, the Keep Solid VPN team has real-world business experience, so they know exactly what to do to make your life at school an work easier and more productive.

In short, Keep Solid VPN is a high-quality provider of security solutions that can improve every stage of your production process.

As you read this Keep Solid VPN review, you’ll realize that this is the ultimate VPN service. They offer unlimited bandwidth and speed along with the best encryption technology in the world.

Keep Solid has servers on every continent and can give you the anonymity and freedom you crave.

General Info about Keep Solid VPN

You can use Keep Solid VPN for many common activities in your life. Some common examples include:

  • Unblock school WiFi.
  • Unblock Instagram at school.
  • Browse the internet anonymously.
  • Safely use public WiFi at Starbucks.
  • Unlock Putlocker.
  • Circumvent geo-restricted video content.
  • Safely download torrents.

Keep Solid is one of the best VPN services designed for businesses. The firm also offers services such as a secure document signing process and a roadmap planner that brings common sense to your planning process.

The Keep Solid VPN product for consumers is called VPN Unlimited. It allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies from any location and device.

Another product, Business VPN brings security, speed, and flexibility to any business environment.

Keep Solid VPN services

Now that you’ve had an overview of Keep Solid, you’re ready to learn about what this service does for you:

  • Complete Security. When you’re connected to the internet via Keep Solid VPN, you’ll have 100% security, regardless of what WiFi you’re using. That’s because the service creates a secure, anonymous, encrypted tunnel that goes from your computer to the Keep Solid servers. This means you can share information and make payments with confidence, even when you’re using a “public” WiFi connection.
  • Total privacy. You’re anonymous when you’re connected via Keep Solid VPN. This means governments, schools, employers, corporations, and hackers can never see what you’re doing online. Also, they can’t track your activities back to either you or your computer.
  • High speed. Unlike other VPN services, using Keep Solid VPN doesn’t make you sacrifice speed. The firm uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that you stay safe while having the speed and bandwidth needed to stay productive.
  • Multi-device support. You only need to have one Keep Solid VPN account to simultaneously and securely operate as many as five devices. This means you can safely use your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone for one low rate.
  • One-week trial. You don’t have to buy Keep Solid VPN without knowing what it can do for you. Sign up for a free 7-day trial to see for yourself how the service can transform your life. The company also provides a 7-day money-back guarantee for all subscribers.
  • Extra options. For demanding users, Keep Solid offers features such as lifetime VPN subscriptions, personal VPN servers, personal IP addresses, and router-based VPN configurations.

Keep Solid VPN Specifications

As is the case with most VPN services, Keep Solid Unlimited VPN maintains a global network of services.

However, if you read the fine print, you’ll find out one troubling detail: Unlimited VPN isn’t unlimited.

The firm throttles users once they have used 900 GB of data during a month.

Our tests suggest that U.S. users of Keep Solid Unlimited VPN can expect to enjoy download speeds ranging from 30 to 45 Mbps.

PROs and CONs of Keep Solid VPN

Pros: Speed, global server locations, numerous payment options, multi-platform clients, reliably fast, low cost, free trial, money-back guarantee.

Cons: No kill switch, possible DNS leaks, some session logs, few configuration options, torrent support in only five countries.

Keep Solid VPN pricing

Keep Solid has three payment plans for its VPN Unlimited Service:

  • Billed monthly – $9.99 per month.
  • Billed yearly – $4.17 per month ($49.99 total).
  • Lifetime service – One $149.99 payment for the rest of your life.

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