Netflix and NordVPN

Do you want to use Netflix and NordVPN together? If so, we’ve already addressed this issue in our post called Does NordVPN work with Netflix. If you continue reading, I’ll clarify my earlier remarks.

Use the NordVPN apps

You can increase your ability to access Netflix via NordVPN by using the NordVPN apps. These apps have a built-in feature called SmartPlay.

SmartPlay lets you connect to a particular country to access that country’s Netflix catalog. It automates the process of finding a server with an IP address that Netflix hasn’t yet blocked.

If you access NordVPN via a VPN-enabled router, you will likely have to try several NordVPN servers before you find one that works with Netflix.

Netflix and NordVPN – Why?

Why do you want to use Netflix with NordVPN? Most likely you either want to (1) at home, access content from the Netflix catalog for a different country or (2) while travelling, access your home Netflix account while in a different country.

IP address detection

Netflix automatically detects your geographic location based on the IP address of your device. If you have a USA-based internet service provider (ISP), you will most likely have a USA-based IP address. Consequently, if you attempt to access the Netflix catalog for Brazil (or any foreign country), Netflix will block you.

Similarly, even if you have a USA-based Netflix account, when you attempt to access Netflix from Europe or Asia, you will have access only to your host country’s Netflix.

How a VPN helps

A VPN hides your ISP-assigned IP address as you and your device accesses the internet. Your data travels through your device and ISP to a VPN router which assigns it a new IP address (If you use NordVPN, you will have an anonymous VPN IP address.)

Most VPN services allow you to connect to servers in other countries, giving you a chance to circumvent Netflix’ geo restricted content.

In such a scenario, you might live in the USA, connect to a NordVPN server in Brazil and then access Netflix’ catalog for Brazil.

Similarly, if you traveled to Brazil, you could connect to a VPN server in the USA and access the American Netflix catalog.

How well do Netflix and NordVPN work together?

NordVPN has published an article that describes using Netflix and NordVPN.

Netflix and NordVPN work best while using one of the official NordVPN applications.

My experience is that Netflix and NordVPN don’t work well together, if you’re accessing Netflix via a VPN-enabled router. Here’s why.

Netflix has massive resources. The company is aware that people want to use VPN services to bypass Netflix restrictions. Therefore, Netflix has deployed advanced technologies that identify and block VPN traffic.

You can try different NordVPN servers until you find one that works with Netflix. However, Netflix will soon flag your connection and add your IP address to its block list.

Do other VPNs work better with Netflix?

No. Netflix’ terms of service forbid the use of VPNs and smart DNS services to bypass their geo-restricted content.

Bottom line: Netflix and NordVPN work well together, when you find a VPN server that Netflix hasn’t blocked. However, over the long term, Netflix will catch up with you and block the server that you use.

Using a VPN with Netflix requires luck and effort. However, you can do it.

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