New TorGuard App for iOS

Using TorGuard on your iPhone just got easier. TorGuard released a new app with an improved user interface. The new TorGuard iOS app improves your safety and privacy of your mobile online experience.

New TorGuard App for iOS

When you install TorGuard for iOS, you’ll experience several changes:

  • Streamlined user interface.
  • Switch between VPN servers without interrupting your active VPN session.
  • Screen navigation gestures.
  • Built-in access to Support.
  • Faster speed.
Check out the new Torguard VPN app for iOS
The new TorGuard app for iOS has a dazzling new look and feel.

How do I get the new TorGuard app for iOS?

Visit the Apple App Store to download the new app for TorGuard. You will need to have a paid TorGuard subscription to use it.

Get TorGuard here. Our link will make sure you’ll get an excellent price.

To find the app, open your App Store and then search for TorGuard.

Get the new TorGuard app for iOS from the Apple App Store.
Download the new TorGuard app from Apple’s App Store.

How do I use the new TorGuard App for iOS?

Open the app from your iPhone’s App Library.

Launch the new TorGuard app for iOS from your phone's app library.
Launch TorGuard from your App Library.

To get started, select a server of your choice and hit the orange “Connect” button.

Choose a TorGuard server and then tap the "Connect" button.
When the TorGuard app opens, choose a server location and then tap the “Connect” button.

What options do I have with TorGuard for iPhone?

To access the settings for your TorGuard experience, tap the gear icon at the top right corner of your screen.

You’ll see an easy-to-access menu that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Settings panel for TorGuard's iPhone app.
Settings options for TorGuard’s iPhone app.


You can set your phone to connect to TorGuard automatically whenever it accesses the internet. You can also choose to limit automatic connections to Wi-Fi connections. Cellular data will pass directly through your mobile service provider.

Configure how TorGuard auto connects when you access the internet.
TorGuard iOS settings for auto-connect.

Connection Type

Choose your type of VPN connection, VPN protocol, and Port/Authentication.

VPN connection options

  • IPSec.
  • IKEv2.
  • OpenVPN.
  • WireGuard.


  • UDP.
  • TCP.

Port / Auth

  • 443 (SHA1).
  • 80 (SHA1).
  • 1194 (SHA1).
  • 995 (SHA1).
  • 1912 (SHA256).
  • 1195 (SHA256).
  • 1215 (SHA512).
  • 389 (SHA512).

If you’ve used other VPN services, you’ll quickly recognize that TorGuard gives you a greater degree of control over your connection.

Ad Blocking DNS

Enable this option to block ads from loading as you use the web.

Dedicated IP

If you choose to add a dedicated IP address to your TorGuard subscription, you can set it here.

NOTE: You get one dedicated IP address if you subscribe to the “Pro” version of TorGuard.

Profile / Password

Change your account details, including your password, without leaving the TorGuard iOS app.


Access the TorGuard Support FAQ. You can also report a problem to TorGuard support.

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