NordLocker: Easy Data Protection [Video]

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What is NordLocker?

NordLocker is an app that allows you to encrypt and share up to 2GB of your data for free.

NordLocker encrypts data locally on your computer, so you stay in control over it.

Watch our NordLocker YouTube video to see how to download, install, and use the NordLocker encryption app.

How can I get NordLocker?

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How does NordLocker work?

After installing NordLocker on your Windows or MacOS devices, you can encrypt files by dragging them into your NordLocker folder. NordLocker’s powerful cryptosystem almost instantly encrypts your data, making them inaccessible to unauthorized users.

You can access your NordLocker from all of your computers. You can also use the app’s cross-platform sharing system to add trusted users to your NordLocker.

Do I need NordVPN to use NordLocker?

No. NordLocker is an app that works on any computer. It requires no VPN.

NordVPN Review
NordLocker comes from the makers of NordVPN. Use our link to get NordVPN now.

Does NordLocker work with cloud storage?

Yes. You can encrypt your files with NordLocker and upload them to practically any cloud-based storage service.

NordLocker works well with Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Can NordLocker support more than 3GB of data?

Yes. If you need to safeguard more than 3 GB of data, you can choose to upgrade your free NordLocker account to a premium NordLocker account. Right now, you can get a NordLocker Unlimited plan for as little as $1 per month.

How do I get NordLocker?

You can get NordLocker by visiting

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