Nordlocker File Request by NordVPN

NordVPN’s companion application, NordLocker, has gained a new feature: Request Files. The feature adds even more functionality to the innovative encrypted cloud app.

What is the NordLocker File Request?

NordLocker’s “Request Files” feature gives you a way to receive files directly into your encrypted locker.

How does NordLocker File Request Work?

When you want someone to share a file with you, you send that person a link and a special code. When they receive the link and code, they can use it to upload files to you.

Why does NordLocker File Request Change the “Game”?

NordLocker File Request gives you a low-cost way to receive confidential documents. Rather than risking compromise by sending such documents via email, your customers and personal documents can send their documents via NordLocker.

Encrypted uploads make you and your business safer and more efficient.

The following benefits are just a few of the many you enjoy with NordLocker File Request:

  • Maintain confidentiality while receiving sensitive information.
  • Receive files from anyone, even those who don’t use NordLocker.
  • Only the sender and you can see what uploaded files contain.
  • Uploders do not have access to see your NordLocker.

Do I need NordVPN to Use NordLocker?

No. NordLocker is a separate application. Of course, if you get NordVPN, you have a chance to include NordLocker as part of your subscription. You can also get NordVPN’s password manager. When you get all three applications, you enhance your online security.

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