NordVPN Dominates the VPN Market

Are you ready to buy a VPN? If so, you need to know about NordVPN. Not only do more people around the world depend on NordVPN, but they also have the best customer satisfaction record. NordVPN dominates the VPN market.

I’m telling you this for a good reason: I want you to have the best available VPN service.

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NordVPN Dominates the VPN Market: Here’s Why

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to imply that you should shop for popularity. After all, the crowd is often wrong. Just look at Reddit.

I want you to understand why NordVPN dominates the VPN market.

When you do, you’ll understand why freelancers and home-based businesses depend on NordVPN more than any other VPN product.

How much does NordVPN cost?

Best of all, you can try NordVPN risk-free thanks to their 30-day money-back guarantee.

How many servers does NordVPN have?

At the end of last year, NordVPN had 5,079 servers in operation. Other top-rated VPNs such as ExpressVPN have about half that number.

Why does the number of servers matter?

More servers mean more capacity. NordVPN is building a dedicated global VPN network that can scale with demand.

To put it differently, more servers mean you can consistently connect and get fast service.

Besides adding servers, NordVPN continues to make other updates and improvements.

Does NordVPN give me privacy?

Yes. Privacy is one of NordVPN’s strong points. The service routes your internet traffic through a secure, encrypted tunnel. So, when your ISP, hackers, government agencies, competitors try to see what you’re doing, they only see gibberish.

NordVPN is an anonymous VPN service provider. This means that the company doesn’t store any data that can connect you with your online activities. Even if the company receives a subpoena or court order, you’re safe because they don’t store your data.

Can NordVPN keep me secure?

Yes. NordVPN features, military-grade encryption and innovative features such as CyberSec and Double VPN to make sure that no one can view your data while using the internet.

How’s that better than visiting SSL websites?

When you visit an SSL website (that’s one that starts with HTTPS, rather than HTTP), the data sent between your browser and that site is encrypted.

Still, your ISP and anyone who has a packet sniffer can see that you have connected to that particular site.

So, suppose you log into your bank. When you do, the entire world can find out with whom you bank.

Why should I care if the world knows with whom I bank?

The USA is a charged society where social justice and political issues have encroached on commerce.

Already, national media outlets and leftwing activist groups have pressured banks and payment processors to close the accounts of businesses with which they disagree.

Sure, your industry might not be threatened now, but it could be in the future. Also, your competitors could at any time start a “grassroots” campaign against you to “deperson” you and “deplatform” your business.

Can NordVPN protect me against “doxing”?

Yes, but that’s really up to you. As already noted, NordVPN can prevent other entities from finding out what websites you visit.

However, the sites you log into may reveal your personal data.

For instance, if you log into Twitter using your real name, you can still get “doxxed.” However, if you use a pseudonym to log in, your VPN connection will ensure that your login can’t be traced to you.

NordVPN Dominates the VPN Market

Will NordVPN protect my IP address?

Yes. When you connect to NordVPN, you receive a new, anonymous IP address that replaces the ISP address your ISP assigned you.

So, when malicious people try to identify you from your IP address, they can’t. For example, if they check the server logs of a website that you visited, they will see the random address that NordVPN assigned you.

If they check your ISP, they will see that you connected to an online server, but not what you’ve done after connecting to that server.

Finally, if they get a warrant and raid NordVPN, they still can’t identify you. NordVPN doesn’t keep logs. So, they can’t associate your ISP-assigned IP address with the address NordVPN assigned you.

NordVPN doesn’t keep a record of which outbound IP address they assigned to which incoming IP address.

NordVPN’s “no logs” policy means no information.

Additional protections

NordVPN also provides additional protection for your ISP-assigned IP address.

  • Automatic Kill Switch – If NordVPN disconnects, it will prevent your computer or smartphone from connecting to the internet. As a result, you minimize your risk of accidental exposure.
  • DNS leak protection – A DNS leak occurs if you connect to a VPN but use your ISP’s DNS servers. NordVPN’s clients for iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows protect you from DNS leaks.
  • Onion Over VPN – NordVPN gives you the option of using Tor over their network. This adds a second layer of anonymity that safeguards your IP address and, therefore, your identity.

What is NordVPN’s market share?

NordVPN leads the world’s VPN industry with a majority market share.

Can I use NordVPN for business?

Independent professionals, solopreneurs, freelancers, and home-based business owners comprise most of our audience. These people can use the standard NordVPN service for their work.

However small and mid-sized businesses will probably need to choose NordVPN’s business service. This features everything you need to get your team up and running:

  • Dedicated IP or server deployment.
  • Centralized billing.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • User administration.
  • Priority support 24/7.
  • License transferability option.

Where is NordVPN based?

NordVPN is based in Panama and is neither subject to nor compliant with the egregious data sharing requirements of the USA and other Five Eyes countries.

What else is great about NordVPN?

NordVPN is aggressively building awareness of their brand in major markets. This year, the company has increased their television advertising budget and is operating new TV campaigns in many countries, including the USA and Canada.

You can expect NordVPN to continue enjoying robust growth.

Let’s face it: More customers means more money. When NordVPN has more money, they can afford to maintain and expand their network.

More money also means that NordVPN can develop new technologies to help professionals like you to operate safely online.

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