NordVPN Firefox

Did you know that NordVPN Firefox can give you added flexibility and security? Rather than only using the native NordVPN app for your operating system, you can protect your browser. You can even decide to whitelist some sites, such as banks, so you don’t have to keep disconnecting from your VPN as you live and work.

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NordVPN Firefox

The NordVPN Firefox plugin gives you the freedom to protect your browsing with a VPN while still allowing other forms of traffic, such as FTP and email.

The NordVPN Firefox add on will allow you to choose to send all your browsing through NordVPN. You can also choose which websites to use or not use with your NordVPN subscription.

NordVPN includes many exciting features, including Double VPN. This user-selectable feature double-encrypts your browsing activity for ultimate security.

How to get NordVPN Firefox

You can get the NordVPN Firefox addon by visiting the NordVPN website. When you arrive there, you can buy NordVPN if you haven’t already done so. If you already have a NordVPN account, simply click or tap the “Add to Firefox” button.

If you don’t have a NordVPN account, click the red button that says, “Buy NordVPN” to get an excellent deal on the world’s leading VPN service.

The powerful NordVPN Firefox plugin shows one reason the service dominates the VPN market.

How to install the NordVPN Firefox plugin

The “Add to Firefox” link on the Firefox Add-Ons page website leads directly to the Mozilla NordVPN plugin.

Click the blue “Add to Firefox” button to add NordVPN to your Firefox web browser.

Please note: A cracked copy of NordVPN may not properly function with the Firefox plugin.

How do I use the NordVPN Firefox add-on?

Look for the NordVPN Firefox plugin on your browser’s menu bar. It should look something like the below image.

Find your NordVPN browser extention in the Firefox menu bar.
Look for your NordVPN Browser Extension in the Firefox menu bar.

Next, click the “Quick Connect” button.

Use the blue Quick Connect button to connect to NordVPN.
Click the “Quick Connect” button to quickly enable NordVPN Firefox.

How do I know I’m protected by NordVPN Firefox?

When you connect to NordVPN using the Firefox add-on, the blue “Quick Connect Button” changes to a red “Disconnect” button. You’ll use this button to disconnect from your VPN server.

While you’re connected, you’ll see the NordVPN icon in the menu bar turn blue. You’ll also see a green flag on the icon that tells you to which country you’ve connected.

The below image illustrates both the red “Disconnect” button and the green country flag on the NordVPN icon.

You can choose what VPN servers to use with your NordVPN Firefox extention.
The Firefox plugin for NordVPN will tell you when your connected by changing the “Connect” button into a “Disconnect” button. Also, the icon in the menu bar turns blue and displays a green flag that identifies the country to which you’ve connected.

How can I customize my NordVPN Firefox settings?

Change your NordVPN settings by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the plug-in’s window. Doing this lets you view and adjust the following options:

  • Block WebRTC, a javascript protocol that can disclose your IP address without your knowledge. We recommend that you set this option to “On.”
  • CyberSec. This option blocks ads, malware, and phishing.
  • Bypass List. Create a list of websites that you want to visit using your ISP-assigned IP address. This option works well for sites, such as banks, that may block VPN traffic.
  • Logout. If you click the “Logout” button, you must re-enter the credentials for your NordVPN account (if you want to continue using the NordVPN Firefox extension.)

How can I change my IP address to another country?

On the primary screen of your NordVPN Firefox plugin, click the “Search for a specific country” link. You can choose from a list of available NordVPN servers.

How can I learn more about NordVPN?

Check out the following links to learn more about NordVPN right here at!