NordVPN IKE Version 5.9.2

NordVPN IKE Version 5.9.2

If you normally connect to NordVPN, you’ll eventually attempt to connect to an online resource that refuses VPN connections. Moreover, some online gig sites, such as Textbroker, will ban you if you log in while connected to a VPN. NordVPN IKE Version 5.9.2 can help.

When dealing with a bank or other website that disallows VPN traffic, you naturally feel obligated to close your VPN. Unfortunately, when you do this, you can easily forget to reconnect.

Now, NordVPN can automatically reconnect to your VPN server after pausing it for a pre-defined interval

NordVPN IKE Version 5.9.2

NordVPN recently released a new version of its MacOS app. It has a new feature that lets you “snooze” your VPN connection. That way, you don’t expose yourself if you forget to reconnect.

Here’s how NordVPN explains it.

NordVPN IKE Version 5.9.2

How do I “pause” my VPN using NordVPN IKE v5.9.2?

After opening the app and connecting to a VPN server, click the “Pause” icon. It’s located to the left of the “Disconnect” button that’s at the top-right of the app’s screen.

The below image shows you the “Pause” button and the options you have while using it. After pausing your service, the button will turn blue.

NordVPN IKE Version 5.9.2

To restore your VPN connection before your paused “time out” ends, click the blue “Play” button.

NordVPN IKE Version 5.9.2

How do I get NordVPN IKE version 5.9.2?

Get the latest version of the NordVPN app from the Mac OS App Store. You can also download the app directly from the NordVPN website.

More about NordVPN IKE version 5.9.2

In the past, the NordVPN app from the App Store offered IKEv2 as its only protocol. Things have changed.

Now, when you install NordVPN IKE version 5.9.2, you’ll also have access to NordLynx, an exciting Wireguard-based protocol from NordVPN.

Other Features

The NordVPN app for MacOS also gives you access to additional features such as:

  • CyberSec – protection against cyberthreats such as malware.
  • Obfuscated Servers – Disguise your VPN connection to circumvent stringent government and corporate access restrictions.
  • Choose between TCP and UDP based on your need for security and speed.
  • Connect to servers in over 59 countries.
  • Use a killswitch to prevent inadvertant security lapses.
  • No bandwidth restrictions.

How can I get NordVPN?

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