NordVPN Smart TV Netflix

NordVPN Smart TV Netflix may seem impossible. Unfortunately, Netflix seems to know all of NordVPN’s IP addresses. So, even if you find a NordVPN server that works with Netflix today, tomorrow, that server could be blocked.

Let’s talk a little about the problem and then discuss solutions. If you’re ready, get NordVPN now.

First, let’s look at the error:

NordVPN Smart TV Netflix
You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit

NordVPN Smart TV Netflix

A VPN-enabled router gives you a chance to protect every networked device in your home, even when they can’t run a VPN app. Besides simplifying VPN use for your business or family, your VPN-enabled router protects IoT devices such as your thermostat, security cameras, smart appliances, and smart TVs.

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Most times, you’ll feel good about using your router to improve the security of all your devices. However, you might discover a roadblock when you attempt to watch Netflix.

NordVPN Netflix FAQ

Why does Netflix ban VPNs and proxies?

Netflix maintains separate content catalogs for every country. Many times, these catalogs aim to enforce copyright agreements with content creators and distributors. So, if Netflix can only distribute a movie or TV show to the USA, they must take measures to restrict access to use-based users.

What does Netflix have to do with VPN use?

Ordinarily, a user outside of the USA could connect to a US-based VPN server to appear to be accessing Netflix from within the USA. Similarly, a Netflix customer in the USA could connect to a VPN server in Brazil to access that country’s Netflix content.

How does Netflix detect VPNs?

Netflix has developed an advanced AI-powered algorithm that detects IP addresses that have associations with VPN services. Therefore, a VPN connection that works with Netflix today might not work with Netflix tomorrow.

How do I resolve NordVPN Smart TV Netflix problems?

You have three options to watch Netflix. First, you can disable VPN on your router every time you want to watch Netflix. Second, you can create a rule on your VPN-enabled router that allows your smart TV to bypass your VPN. Finally, you can find a VPN server or service that Netflix doesn’t block.

Why won’t NordVPN help me watch Netflix on my smart TV?

According to NordVPN, the product is not supported on smart TVs. That’s fine. However, after contacting NordVPN’s support team, you’ll realize that they don’t know how to let you watch your smart TV while enjoying NordVPN’s exceptional protection.

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How to watch securely Netflix with NordVPN?

Don’t waste your time reading the NordVPN support article. You’ll experience similar frustration while searching for NordVPN Netflix Reddit solutions for your Netflix proxy. Don’t bother looking for a NordVPN Netflix servers list: It doesn’t exist. If a server list existed, Netflix would use it to help them block VPN access.

NordVPN Smart TV Netflix Solutions

Here’s a summary of the three approaches to watching Netflix while using a VPN-enabled router.

1. Disable your router’s VPN while watching Netflix.

This could become problematic if your team or household members don’t have convenient access to VPN apps on each of their devices.

2. Configure your VPN router to allow your smart TV to bypass NordVPN

If your router supports Tomato, DD-WRT, ASUSwrt-Merlin, or similar firmware, you can route your smart TV around the VPN. Sometimes, this process could involve assigning a static IP address to your TV.

Contact NordVPN support

If you’re having trouble using Netflix and NordVPN together, contact Nord Support. You can chat live with an agent to see if you can get help with your VPN configuration.

Nord support can also help you with other Nord products, such as NordLocker.

How can I learn about NordVPN and Netflix?

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