NordVPN vs TorGuard

Are you ready to buy a VPN? If you’re comparing NordVPN vs TorGuard, you’ve narrowed your choice to two industry leaders.

NordVPN has the advantage in brand recognition and market share. TorGuard, however, has a strong customer base that affirms TorGuard’s impressive capabilities.

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NordVPN vs TorGuard

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We’ll help you compare NordVPN vs TorGuard. To do this, we’ll look at several factors.


Major alliances such as 5-Eyes and 14-Eyes give foreign governments legal access to their citizen’s online data. As one of the world’s most egregious violators of online privacy, the USA subscribes to both pacts.

Never buy a US-based VPN service.

If you choose a VPN based in America, you’ll subject yourself to the scrutiny of foreign governments and your own.

We believe that jurisdiction ranks among the top criteria for choosing a VPN service.

TorGuard jurisdiction

A data company named VPNetworks, LLC operates under a holding company, Data Protection Services, LLC. That company operates from a location within the USA and is subject to U.S. laws, surveillance, and anti-privacy policies.

Any law enforcement agency, corporation, or attorney can issue Torguard a subpoena for all records pertaining to your use of TorGuard.

To be fair, TorGuard has a no-logs policy that should render useless all warrants and subpoenas. After all, if they have no records, they have no data to surrender to third parties.

Unfortunately, U.S. data retention laws now and in the future may require TorGuard to store records of your online activity.

Of course, third parties may gain access to billing records, if they can associate your payment method with you.

NordVPN jurisdiction

NordVPN operates in Panama, a non-5-Eyes and a non-14-Eyes jurisdiction. According to NordVPN, Panama has no mandatory data retention laws.


We know that many people want to know, up front, how much money they will have to pay to improve their internet security and online privacy.

We don’t want you to shop based on price.

NordVPN cost

NordVPN has impressive special pricing during the year which you can get using our direct NordVPN link.

VPN Protocols

Most of the top-tier VPN services provide a similar selection of VPN protocols. Just as an FYI, here are highlights from NordVPN vs TorGuard.

TorGuard VPN protocols

When you open your TorGuard app, you’ll see available VPN tunnel types. On Mac OS, we have three options available:

  • OpenVPN.
  • Open Connect.
  • Wireguard.

Your available options may differ based on your device and its operating system.

After choosing your tunnel type, TorGuard offers two protocol choices: UDP or TCP.

A feature provided by TorGuard, port and authentication, gives users more control over their online experience than do most VPNs.

Advanced users may appreciate the availability of these options.

Finally, let’s look at TorGuard’s available encryption cyphers:

You can choose either 128- or 256-bit encryption.

Finally, TorGuard provides OpenVPN for VPN-enabled routers.

NordVPN protocols

NordVPN provides users with an in-depth discussion of VPN protocols at their website.

Options for NordVPN include NordLynx, a proprietary implementation of Wireguard that has enhanced security.

We recommend NordLynx because it overcomes the inherent vulnerabilities of Wireguard.

Other NordVPN protocols include IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN.

NordVPN comes with a CyberSec option that blocks ads and malware when connected.

NordVPN protocol options.
NordVPN protocol options.

You’ll notice that the protocol options screen of the NordVPN app seems simpler than TorGuard’s.

NordVPN doesn’t give users control over ports. However, their app provides presets for downloads, P2P, speed, and web browsing that auto-configure your settings.

NordVPN uses AES with 256-bit keys.

Read more about encryption at

Other features

Continue reading to compare other features of NordVPN vs TorGuard.

TorGuard Features

  • Simultaneous connections: 8.
  • Netflix access (depends on your server choice and other factors).
  • Servers: TorGuard provides 3,000+ VPN servers in 68 VPN server locations in 50 countries.
  • Stealth Mode: Protect your online activity from Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) used by ISPs and government agencies. Journalists and activists especially need this feature.

NordVPN Features

  • Servers: NordVPN operates 5498 servers in 59 countries.
  • Pause button: When you need to access a website that blocks VPN traffic, simply press the “Pause” button. Your NordVPN lets you pause for a preset amount of time or manually toggle the service without disconnecting.
  • Streaming: NordVPN uses SmartPlay technology that helps you unblock Netflix and enjoy other streaming services.
  • Double VPN: Increase your online anonymity by automatically sending your online traffic through two VPN servers.
  • Remote work friendly.

Act Now

Now you know more about NordVPN vs TorGuard. Now is the time to improve your online security.

NordVPN offers strong advantages such as non-5-Eyes jurisdiction, SmartPlay streaming, and ease of use. We recommend you get NordVPN right now.

TorGuard has features that may appeal to power users. However, we believe the company’s U.S. jurisdiction may leave you open to warrantless surveillance. Also, we found that TorGuard’s apps may seem overcomplicated to many users.

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