OctaneVPN is not connecting – Why?

You bought OctaneVPN. You installed the app. Now, OctaneVPN isn’t connecting. Why is that?

First, don’t give up. I’m assuming that you carefully compared available VPN products and decided that OctaneVPN was the best VPN for you.

Who can argue with that? Only you can make that decision.

So, now that you’re OctaneVPN’s customer, what are you going to do when you can’t connect?

OctaneVPN is not Connecting

OctaneVPN claims to be “the world’s most powerful VPN.” Well, what good is the top VPN in the world if you can’t use it?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m here to help. I’m not here to trash OctaneVPN.

Let’s be fair. Any VPN customer can have connection problems, especially while getting started.

So, when you say that you can’t connect to the internet with Octane VPN, I want to suggest that you contact OctaneVPN for support. After all, who’s more qualified to help you use that product than its developer?

OctaneVPN is not connecting

How to Fix OctaneVPN Connection Problems

When you report that OctaneVPN is not connecting, you should first check your internet connection.

Can you reach the internet without running the OctaneVPN app?

If not, you should start by ensuring that you’ve properly configured your device or computer to use the internet.

After establishing Internet connectivity without OctaneVPN running, you’re ready to launch the application. After clicking the “Connect” button, what happens? You should now have a “protected” internet connection.

So, try opening a web browser and visiting a reliable website. For example, try entering “Google.com” into your address bar.

Can your browser load Google? If so, you’re connected. Next, visit a website such as ShowMyIP.net or DoIleak.com to find out whether you have an IP address that’s different from the one you got from your ISP or local network.

CAUTION: If you can’t verify that you’re protected by OctaneVPN, don’t engage in any private, questionable, or potentially identifiable activities.

Instead, contact OctaneVPN support.

Is IwantMyVPN.com associated with OctaneVPN?

Here’s a question we’ve received: “OctaneVPN and IwantMyVPN.com are both in South Carolina. Are you the same company?”

No. IwantMyVPN.com is based in Pickens County, South Carolina. OctaneVPN is based in Anderson, SC. No relationship whatsoever exists between the two companies.

Do You Recommend OctaneVPN?

At this time, IwantMyVPN.com does not recommend OctaneVPN. We only recommend the best VPNs that we have independently researched, tested, and verified.

Thanks for suggesting that we review OctaneVPN. Our editors will determine whether (and to what extent) we will review this VPN service.

“How Does VPN Works [sic]?”

If you’re wondering, “How does VPN works [sic],” I can give you a brief overview.

Life without VPN

When you connect to the internet via your ISP or local network records your online activity. Also, As you browse the web, every server to which you connect records your IP address as well as other user-identifiable data.

Your ISP can sell your user data to marketers and other entities without your permission. Also, government agencies, police, cybercriminals, snoops, and competing businesses can use your online activity to harm you.

Consequently, you can face legal repercussions for the way you use the internet. You can also suffer from bank fraud and identity theft. Someone can steal your business’ trade secrets and sell them on the dark web.

How VPN is Working on Your Behalf

When you connect to a VPN, you create a virtual, encrypted tunnel or pipeline between your computer and your VPN provider’s server.

When you attempt to visit a website, your request goes through that tunnel, receives a new IP address, and is forwarded to its destination.

Although your ISP or network administrator can see that you’ve connected to an internet server, they can’t see what sites you’ve visited. Also, since your data is encrypted, they can’t capture the data you exchange with the sites you visit.

Ordinarily, if someone obtained the logs from your VPN’s server, they could connect you with your online activity. That’s why an anonymous, “no logs” VPN is essential to your online security.

An anonymous VPN service does not store any information that can connect you (your ISP-provided IP address) with your VPN-assigned IP address. Therefore, neither marketers nor #DeepState can capture or sell your data.

Many free and paid VPN services store logs and cooperate with warrantless requests for your data. That’s why you must only choose from the best VPNs.

Now that you know how VPN is working on your behalf, isn’t it time to sign up?

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