What is OctoNet HTTP filter?

Question: I was anonymously surfing the internet with NordVPN and I went to visit a page on 800notes.com. Rather than loading the site, my browser displayed a message saying I was blocked by OctoNet HTTP filter: What is OctoNet HTTP filter? I paid my VPN costs, so I should have the right to use it!

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About OctoNet HTTP filter

OctoNet is a web server filter that prevents visitors from “blocked” IP addresses from accessing content on that site. In your case, OctoNet has blocked your NordVPN-assigned IP address.

Websites that use OctoNet HTTP filter want to place tracking cookies on your computer so that they can harvest your online activities. So, by harassing you as a VPN user, they hope that you’ll disable your VPN so that you can access that website’s content.

What is OctoNet HTTP filter?

OctoNet HTTP filter is a type of content filtering mechanism used in some firewalls and web browsers. It primarily functions by blocking access to specific websites or types of content based on pre-defined rules or lists. However, it’s important to note that OctoNet’s specific purpose and implementation can vary depending on the context. Here’s a breakdown of the different ways you might encounter OctoNet:

1. In Firewalls:

  • Security-motivated blocking: This is the most common use case, where OctoNet is employed to block access to malware-hosting sites, phishing attempts, or other malicious content.
  • GDPR-motivated geo-blocking: In some cases, organizations might use OctoNet to comply with regulations like GDPR by geographically restricting access to certain websites based on user location.

2. In Web Browsers:

  • Privacy-focused browsers: Some privacy-oriented browsers like Epic Privacy Browser use OctoNet as a default filter to block trackers, advertising, and other elements deemed intrusive.

3. Limitations:

  • Potential inaccuracies: The lists used by OctoNet may not always be accurate, leading to unintended blocking of legitimate websites. OctoNet can affect website availability.
  • Privacy concerns: While used for security or privacy purposes, some users might find blocking mechanisms like OctoNet restrictive and raise concerns about potential censorship.

Overall, OctoNet HTTP filter serves as a content filtering tool used in various contexts. Understanding its specific implementation and purpose is crucial before drawing conclusions about its effectiveness or potential impact.

How to bypass OctoNet HTTP filter

The easiest way to bypass OctoNet HTTP is to disconnect from your current NordVPN server and reconnect using a different server. That server should give you a unique IP address that OctoNet HTTP filter might not block.

Also, I tried accessing the domain to which you referred while connected to NordVPN. So, OctoNet HTTP doesn’t block all VPN traffic. Just some of it.

You should also make sure that you’re not using a cracked copy of NordVPN.

Of course, if you’re intent on looking up a particular phone number and can’t find a way past OctoNet HTTP filter, I suggest you try a different phone number website. Plenty of options exist, so you won’t have to compromise your identity to get the information that you want.

Who else blocks VPNs?

You must distinguish between VPN sites and VPN traffic.

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Many schools, car dealers, libraries, and business block access to VPN websites via their networks. In such cases, you can’t use their networks to sign up for VPN service. You may also be unable to manage your user account.

The networks that block VPN websites rarely also block VPN traffic. So, if you connect to a VPN, you bypass that network’s HTTP filter and you can visit any website.

Of course, some networks, such as China’s Great Firewall, attempt to identify and block VPN traffic. In such cases, you must try obfuscated servers and other tools to access the internet freely.

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