OUTED: ExpressVPN CIO Daniel Gericke

On the second consecutive day of bad news for once-respected ExpressVPN, the U.S. Department of Justice outed the firm’s CIO as a key player in a hacking operation called Project Raven. This “project” involved hacking the data of American citizens and destroying opponents of UAE’s atrocious human rights record.

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OUTED: ExpressVPN CIO Daniel Gericke

ExpressVPN sent out a damage-control email on Thursday afternoon, September 16, 2021. The company insists that ExpressVPN CIO Daniel Gericke’s illegal activities have no bearing on his function at ExpressVPN.

According to CNet, Gericke agreed to pay $1.6 million in fines to the United States Department of Justice. Among the charges against him are:

Providing unlicensed export-controlled defense services to support computer network exploitation, and a commercial company creating, supporting and operating systems specifically designed to allow others to access data without authorization from computers worldwide, including in the United States.


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ExpressVPN Explains

We want to be fair, so we want you to know how ExpressVPN explains their latest fiasco. To do this, we refer you to the ExpressVPN Blog:

We find it deeply regrettable that the news of the past few days regarding Daniel Gericke has created concerns among our users and given some cause to question our commitment to our core values. 


ExpressVPN believes that we should have no concerns about the illegal hacking practices of its Chief Information Officer.

While we in no way wish to diminish the sincerity of the concerns we’ve heard, we want to reassure you that we have considered them extensively and do not share them.


If you read their entire explanation, ExpressVPN elaborates on its third-party security validation and the benefits ExpressVPN CIO Daniel Gericke brings to the company. In short, he makes their service better (even though you can’t trust him).

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ExpressVPN CIO Daniel Gericke has engaged in illegal hacking activities since at least 2019. We do not know how is hacking activities have been compromising ExpressVPN users over the past two years.

What we know is that an untrustworthy person has held a key position with ExpressVPN, a detail that the company intentionally concealed.

Together with its absorption by Kape Technologies, a firm tied to Israeli intelligence agencies and a known purveyor of malware, ExpressVPN has descended from its prominence atop the VPN industry into a reprehensible and irredeemable shunned entity.

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