Privacy Washing

Do you think you can trust Google and it’s “privacy” features? Think again. Google gives you one more reason to get NordVPN. Without a VPN, Google will continue to abuse you by violating your right to privacy.

Privacy washing is a term that compares Google’s disparity between actions and words to those of the world’s largest environmental polluters who portray themselves as eco-conscious, known as “green washing”. Google is:

  • Lobbying against privacy laws: Google has spent millions of dollars lobbying and fighting against privacy laws that would protect users from online surveillance in the US and the EU. Google wants regulators to let companies decide themselves what’s good for users and society, but often cannot do so.
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  • Collecting personal data: Google makes lots of money by knowing what users are looking for and gathering as much information as possible about them. Some of the most personal and secretive data are the most expensive and coveted by Google and other tech giants.
  • Limiting user choice: Google has set a date for introducing Manifest V3, which will hurt the capabilities of many ad blockers. Google’s option to “browse privately” is also allegedly nothing more than wordplay, as it still tracks users’ activities.
  • Contradicting its own claims: Google claims to be a privacy-focused company and has announced some measures to strengthen the safeguard measures for Google Workspace customers and change data retention practices to make auto-delete the default. But these actions seem half-baked and insufficient compared to the scale and scope of Google’s data collection and use.

Google needs to back up its words and make actual improvements to user privacy.

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