CactusVPN lets you surf anonymously online and bypass restrictions and blocks. When you choose CactusVPN, you get these benefits:

Protect your online identity – CactusVPN provides a layer of anonymity by hiding your real IP address (the one you get from your ISP or phone service). The websites that you visit only see your CactusVPN IP address.

High-level security – CactusVPN creates an encrypted tunnel and then routes all your incoming and outgoing data through it. This means that hackers, your ISP, government entities, and snoops can’t see what you’re doing.

Bypass restrictions and blocks – Defeat censorship imposed by your country and unblock Instagram, Netflix, torrents, and other content at your workplace or school.



Surf anonymously online with VPN services from CactusVPN. Choose this service to hide your IP address, encrypt your internet connection, and secure your data. Use CactusVPN to safely access public Wi-Fi services, unblock Instagram, and access geo-restricted content.

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