Rush Limbaugh VPN Ad: Read This First

Rush Limbaugh has a vast radio audience. That’s why so many businesses pay top dollar to get their message heard on his show.

When you hear Rush Limbaugh read an ad, he’s getting paid to promote a product. Just because he’s telling you about a VPN on his show doesn’t mean that the VPN is good.

In fact, the Norton Secure VPN that he advertises lacks features, security, and transparently. In fact, even when you buy it as part of the LifeLock bundle (Symantec, the provider of Norton VPN purchased LifeLock to rescue its declining businesses. You can read more about that deal).

Before you buy the Rush Limbaugh VPN ad, you should learn about better alternatives such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

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NOTE: We are sad that Rush Limbaugh died on February 17, 2021.

Rush Limbaugh VPN ad

Much of what the Rush Limbaugh VPN ad says is true. A VPN can improve your online security and privacy. You become vulnerable, however, when you choose Norton VPN, the product mentioned in the ad.

Norton VPN: A flawed VPN

Norton Secure VPN simplifies the VPN experience, enticing many casual users to subscribe. However, the service has notable security and privacy flaws, speed issues, and a limited number of servers.

Additionally, Noron Secure VPN doesn’t support bit torrents.

The Rush Limbaugh VPN ad doesn’t tell you that.

Also, Norton VPN keeps logs and other personally identifiable information.

When requested via a law enforcement agency or someone with a warrant or a subpoena, Symantec will respond by handing over your internet history.

Virtual Servers

Norton VPN lags behind reputable VPN services by practically every measure.

Although the service has more than 1,000 servers, almost all of them are virtual. In other words, even when you connect to a server that’s in a different country, you’re physically connected to a U.S.-based server.

Kill Switch

As is the case with practically any online resource, your phone or computer might lose its connection to your VPN server without your knowledge. When this happens, Norton VPN stops functioning, allowing your data to pass unencrypted through your phone carrier or ISP’s connection.

A reputable premium VPN service, such as NordVPN provides you with a “kill switch” that disables your device’s internet connectivity until you re-establish a secure VPN connection.


Norton Secure VPN users should expect to experience DNS and Web RTC leaks while connected to a Noton server. Use the free resources on our “Do I Leak” page to test your VPN connection.

Data Collection

Can you imagine buying a VPN only to discover that your VPN service provider is spying on you? That’s what happens when you buy the Rush Limbaigh VPN.

Read the fine print. Norton VPN collects and stores user data. Although Symantec says the data they store is for debugging purposes, it represents a substantial vulnerability, especially in the USA with the U.S. Government’s data-harvesting policies.

Don’t Listen to the Rush Limbaugh VPN Ad

Ignore the fact that someone you trust, Rush Limbaugh, is pitching Symantec’s Norton Secure VPN product. As he gets rich off the deal, he doesn’t care that thousands of his listeners are paying good money for a false sense of security.

NordVPN: A Safe Alternative

We advise our clients to choose either NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Most of the time, we prefer NordVPN because of its verified anonymity, secure global server network, and its resistance to warrants and subpoenas.

Unlike Symantec’s Norton, NordVPN is located outside of the USA. That means that your data is always safe from America’s out-of-control intelligence and law enforcement communities.

NordVPN is based in a non-Five Eyes jurisdiction, so the U.S. Government can’t get your data from an allied nation.

Regarding simplicity, nordVPN is remarkably easy to use. Its free computer and smartphone apps make secure, private internet access accessible via a click of a button. It’s at least as easy as (if not easier to use than) Norton Secure VPN.

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Norton Secure VPN Price

Norton Secure VPN is priced higher than most reputable VPNs, even if you buy the LifeLock bundle.

By itself, Norton VPN sells for an annual price of $99.99. If you buy it for $49.99 on sale, your special price only applies to your first year of service.

If you use our NordVPN affiliate link, you can get the world’s top VPN service at 70% off. If you pay for a three-year deal, you might pay $3.49 or less for a verified anonymous VPN service.

That’s right. NordVPN gives you a superior experience and a better price based on ease-of-use, apps, servers, anonymity, encryption, safety, torrenting, and more.