School VPN – How it can change your life

Imagine life without a school VPN.

Think about how bored you can get during a lecture. All you need to do is release some energy, so you decide to log into Instagram.

Unfortunately, you can’t. Your school Wi-Fi blocks that site. 

So, you try to visit your favorite online game.

No way! Your school doesn’t want you to waste bandwidth, so they block your gaming sites.

On and on, the story goes.

It can even get worse.

Think about when you’re working on a team project.

You need to snag some cool graphics from Instagram or Pinterest.

BUT… you can’t.

You guessed it, the Wi-Fi at school is blocked. 

School VPN

Take your VPN to school with you and bypass your school’s Wi-Fi restrictions.

Why does my school block my Wi-Fi?

Your school may have multiple reasons for blocking your Wi-Fi. Many of them can vary, depending on whether you’re in high school or college.

For example, in high school, your community may have standards for acceptable Wi-Fi use at school. Parents may want to be sure that you’re learning in school more than you’re having fun.

Universities may not care so much about what parents think. Instead, they care what your peers think.

Let me explain. 

Universities are much larger than high schools. Keeping an eye on everyone is almost impossible, from an administrative standpoint.

So, just suppose you decided to use school WiFi to view porn. That’s your choice, right?

Maybe. But, what happens you accidentally expose other students to porn?

Suddenly, your school becomes liable. 

So, rather than freaking out about blocked WiFi at school, think smart.

Your school doesn’t hate you. It just wants to cover its collective ass.

More on School WiFi Liability

You’re probably getting the point. Just in case, think about another example:

Imagine that you don’t have school VPN services and you decide to download a torrent.

Regardless of whether it’s a movie, an app, or a textbook, what you’re doing may be illegal.

Publishers keep track of all the IP addresses that download their content via torrents. 

When you use your school’s WiFi, you stamp your torrent download with your school’s IP address.

This means that publishers could sue your school for violating their intellectual property rights.

Additionally, they could ask law enforcement to file criminal charges.

So, they block school WiFi from torrent downloads.

If you have a school VPN, however, everyone is happy.

Why School VPN makes sense

School VPN services allow you to unblock school WiFi without doing anything wrong.

You don’t have to hack any servers or steal any passwords.

All you need is a VPN service. 

When you connect to a VPN server from your school Wi-Fi, it’s just an ordinary outbound data connection.

When you type-in your favorite torrent site into your web browser, the data passes undetected through your school WiFi to your VPN service. When it arrives there, your school VPN sends the request to your torrent site using its IP address.

Since the connection is encrypted and many school VPN services don’t keep logs, no one will ever know that you downloaded a movie.

Similarly, your school administrators won’t know that you’ve downloaded music, a textbook, or porn.

You can even unblock Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Bottom Line: A school VPN gives you the freedom to work, study and play without being tracked or blocked by your school. 

I Want MY VPN!

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