Stay Away from SuperVPN

This article exposes a massive data breach that affected SuperVPN, a popular free VPN app that had over 100 million downloads on Google Play. The article reveals SuperVPN leaked over 360 million user records online, including email addresses, IP addresses, geolocation data, and browsing history. The article also advises users to uninstall SuperVPN and switch to a more reputable VPN service.

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SuperVPN Data Breach

As a seminal warning to everyone who wants the benefits of VPN without paying money, the SuperVPN data breach included the actual IP addresses of users and their geolocation. Breached data also includes the online tracks and websites visited by VPN users. That’s right. SuperVPN is not a logs-free VPN.

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As more people around the world care about data privacy or try to bypass censorship they often use a VPN. This is a prime example of what data could be captured, shared with governments, or exposed in the event of a data breach,” Jeremiah Fowler, the cybersecurity researcher who discovered and reported on the breached database,

Jeremiah Fowler

Fowler forgot to mention the danger of “free” VPN services vs paid VPN services.

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SuperVPN ownership

SuperVPN’s ownership also raises concerns. Flower noted in his VPNMentor report that the app has identical names and almost matching logos on the two different app stores, but they registered it under different developers’ names.

SuperSoft Tech is the developer of SuperVPN on Google Play. Qingdao Leyou Hudong Network Technology Co. is the developer of SuperVPN for iOS, iPad, and macOS. Fowler also discovered references to another company called Changsha Leyou Beichuan Network Technology Co. in the leaked files.

Fowler confirmed that they all seem to have links to China, and the database notes were in Chinese. He concluded that Qingdao Leyou Hudong Network Technology Co. was the owner of the public database that revealed SuperVPN’s user data.

SuperVPN has a history of raising red flags among cybersecurity experts. In 2020, this VPN was advised to be removed by users as it exposed million of VPN users to hacking threats. SuperVPN was also deemed as unsafe in 2016, when an Australian researcher discovered that it was one of the most infected VPN apps with malware.

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