I received an error that says “This site can’t be reached.” What’s the problem? I was connected to NordVPN at the time.

This site can’t be reached VPN error

Although this sometimes may be caused by a problem with a destination website, it may also be caused by your VPN.

To diagnose this problem, I have to ask you an important question:

Does the site load after disconnecting from your VPN service? If not, then there’s a problem with the site you’re trying to load. 

If, after disconnecting from your VPN, you can load the site, that’s a different story.

This site can’t be reached case study

Let’s suppose that you are a NordVPN customer. So, you connect to your VPN while at school or working in your home office. That’s good. 

What’s not good is when you visit some websites and they don’t load. 

Here’s an example: Attracta.com. 

This site can't be reached VPN error
Attracta.com is one of the many websites that may not load while you’re connected to NordVPN

Now, if you disconnect from NordVPN while leaving everything else the same, the website will load:

This site can't be reached VPN error (after disconnecting).

Always check the easiest solution first. If the website is down for everyone, then you know the problem isn’t with your VPN. 

Solution to “This site can’t be reached” problem.

You have NordVPN’s “CyberSec” option enabled. CyberSec blocks ads and malware. Sometimes NordVPN will surprise you by misidentifying a website as malicious.

To fix this, disconnect your VPN, open Preferences, and uncheck the “CyberSec” box on the “General” tab. When you reconnect, you should be able to load your site.

Other reasons “Site can’t be reached”

After disabling CyberSec, you may still be unable to connect to a website that you have confirmed to be operational. 

For starters, the site operator may have attempted to block all known VPN-related IP addresses from their site. 

In this case, you should disconnect from NordVPN and reconnect using a server in a different city or nation. 

It’s rare that a website can block all known VPNs. So, try connecting to the problematic website while using a different VPN service such as TorGuard. 

You can also vary the protocols that you use. For instance, if you’re connecting with TCP, consider trying via UDP. 

Finally, you should try connecting to a VPN server that’s in your time zone. Some web pages can tell that your browser’s clock is different from your system clock. Such a condition can cause a website to block you. 

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