Tim Ferriss VPN

Did you hear the Tim Ferriss podcast? He mentioned one of our favorite VPNs: ExpressVPN. For sure, his entire show wasn’t about VPNs, but we were glad to hear him promote internet safety. Continue reading to learn more about the Tim Feriss VPN.

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Tim Ferriss VPN

ExpressVPN sponsored the Tim Ferriss today. If you know Tim, you know that he only promotes the best brands in the world. ExpressVPN is one of those brands.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is an app that you run on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or similar device. You can also use ExpressVPN with a VPN router for your home or business.

A VPN secures your internet connection with military-grade encryption. The Tim Ferris VPN will also hide your ISP-assigned IP address from public view.

What is an IP address?

Your internet service provider, such as your cable company, DSL service, or cellular carrier, assigns every user with a unique user-identifiable number. Every website you visit and online resource you use records your public IP address in their logs.

So, anyone, including government agencies, law enforcement operations, corporate attorneys, hackers, and marketers can identify you and everything you do online.

What is geo-restriction?

Netflix, and other online content providers restrict what you can see based on your location. In many cases, if not most, they determine your location by reading your IP address.

To illustrate the situation, imagine if you were in the USA and wanted to view a Netflix title that’s only available in Brazil. Netflix reads your IP address, sees that you’re in the US and then blocks your access.

Producers also use geo-restrictions to govern who may view many sports broadcasts and other live entertainment.

Geo-restriction also affects the way you shop. Amazon and other online retailers offer different prices for the same goods, depending on your location.

Geo-restriction can also affect how much you pay for airline tickets, new and used cars, hotels, and many other products.

Tim Ferris advertises Express VPN.
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How does the Tim Ferriss VPN help?

Simply put, the Tim Ferriss VPN helps you by encrypting your data and bypassing online restrictions.

The Tim Ferris VPN, known officially as ExpressVPN, helps you stay safe online by encrypting all the data traffic that flows through your computer or mobile device. That way, not even your ISP knows what you’re doing online.

When you connect to ExpressVPN, your VPN server will assign you a new IP address that’s untraceable to you. In other words, no one can trace your online activity to you, unless you disclose personal information, such as login credentials, to a website or other online resource.

ExpressVPN helps you bypass geo-restricted content by allowing you to choose to use servers in different countries.

Let’s think about Netflix. If you’re in the USA, you can connect to an ExpressVPN server in Brazil and access video content that’s not available in the USA. Much of this content originated from American producers, but are not licensed to allow Netflix to distribute it in the USA.

Visit TomsGuide.com to learn more about Netflix content that’s not available in America.

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Why does speed matter?

A VPN uses a certain amount of bandwidth to encrypt and transport your data. Such “overhead” can cause noticeable speed reductions , especially for users of slow networks.

Some VPNs can slow you down so much that you can’t stream video or play online games. That’s why speed matters.

IsTim Ferriss’ ExpressVPN easy to use?

Yes! Tim Ferris says that ExpressVPN is so fast that he can’t tell that he has it activated.

It’s fast to start too. With just a tap, you divert all your online activities through ExpressVPN’s secure, encrypted pipeline.

Download the app, tap one button and you’re connected.

It’s easy to sign up. It’s easy to use. Get ExpressVPN now.

Stay safe on sketchy wifi

Lots of restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. You can also find free WiFi at the mall, at school, at the airport, in the downtown shopping district, Starbucks, and many other places.

Sure, Wi-Fi is convenient for you. Have you ever thought about how convenient public Wi-Fi is for hackers?

You’ll be surprised to find out how easily hackers inside the same store or coffee shop can divert your internet traffic and gain access to your device and your accounts.

The Tim Ferriss VPN, ExpressVPN, helps you use sketchy WiFi by encrypting all the data your computer sends over the internet.

Sure, hackers and the network owners might find out that you’ve connected to a VPN. Aside from that, as long as you stay connected, they can’t access your personal data, including your bank accounts and credit cards.

No Computer Science degree required

Tim Ferriss’ VPN solution gives you a simple interface. You won’t have to get bogged down with details.

People with zero digital expertise can use and benefit from ExpressVPN.

Just connect to ExpressVPN and use the internet as you normally would use it.

Who benefits from ExpressVPN?

  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Remote workers.
  • Travelers.

Anyone who wants to stop being snooped on and having their personal data stolen can benefit from using ExpressVPN.

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