TorGuard IPv6 Support

TorGuard IPv6 Support

Current and prospective TorGuard customers may experience some temporary connectivity issues as the service implements TorGuard IPv6 support.

Also, TorGuard is rolling out a new stealth protocol update.

TorGuard IPv6 Support

Here’s the latest message from TorGuard regarding this issue.


Currently we are in the process of applying some network updates and changes to our OpenVPN protocol to fully support IPv6 and a new stealth protocol update which requires a change in certificate – currently those changes have been applied to the following ports 389 TCP/UDP and 1195 TCP/UDP with further coming over the next few days, if you have issues connecting please see below on how to correct those.


Auth / Reconnect loop
Certificate error

Redownload and install the latest TG Client located here, reinstall if you already have this version.

If using OpenVPN within a third party client on your router with firmware such as DD-WRT/Asus or Tomato or using on devices such as your NAS then please download the newer configs here or re-generate your config here, you can also grab the new OpenVPN CA certificate details here to update your configs manually.
TorGuard IPv6 Support

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TorGuard IPv6 Support