TorGuard OpenConnect services were announced on March 24, 2018.

OpenConnect uses SSL technology with VPN  and is based on Cisco’s AnyConnect SSL VPN initiative.

With this update, TorGuard now matches the services offered by other cutting-edge VPNs.

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TorGuard OpenConnect

The TorGuard OpenConnect announcement confirms what TorGuard VPN users already knew: The latest version of the TorGuard VPN client is enabled for OpenConnect.

WATCH OUR VIDEO: We show you how to configure your TorGuard client with OpenConnect.

When you choose OpenConnect for your TorGuard VPN connection, it will use TLS and DTLS to handle encryption and authentication for your secure VPN traffic.

Some benefits of OpenConnect:

  • Fastest available VPN protocol.
  • Extreme security.

OpenConnect VPNs utilize TLS and DTLS to encrypt and authenticate the encapsulated VPN traffic. Besides being the fastest VPN protocol available, OpenConnect is also one of the most secure with numerous security features built in to protect the end user.

How do I use TorGuard OpenConnect?

First, make sure that you have the latest TorGuard VPN client installed.

Next, open the client and choose “OpenConnect” as your Tunnel Type, as shown below:

TorGuard OpenConnect


Also, if you click “More Settings” and then choose the “Network” tab, you can choose to use the OpenConnect Seamless Reconnect feature.

TorGuard OpenConnect Seamless Reconnect


The TorGuard OpenConnect Seamless Reconnect feature provides for a seamless transition between WiFi and mobile data networks.

Seamless Reconnect will also prevent leaks while reconnecting to your VPN server.

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If you still have questions about using TorGuard VPN with OpenConnect, be sure to watch our short & sweet video. It shows how to activate OpenConnect with your TorGuard Client.

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