TorGuard Review

When you choose TorGuard, you get an anonymous VPN service and more. Many consider TorGuard as the best VPN because of it’s world-class support and robust product line. Use our TorGuard review to learn about the speed, features, server locations, and security to TorGuard VPN.

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TorGuard Review

Our TorGuard review highly rates the service for multiple reasons:

In addition to offering VPN, TorGuard net has a robust proxy service that works seamlessly to buttress your security.

However, depending on your particular needs, you may want to use the TorGuard proxy without the VPN.

Of course, the bulletproof security you get with TorGuard net comes when you use their VPN.

The company operates high-performing VPN services in more than fifty countries and is constantly adding more locations and servers to its network.

Our TorGuard review takes a comprehensive look at TorGuard and all that the brand offers.

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Unlimited Speeds and Bandwidth

TorGuard customers enjoy unlimited speeds and bandwidth along with impressive service options:

  • TorGuard proxy.
  • TorGuard DNS.
  • TorGuard uTorrent.
  • TorGuard Dedicated IP.
  • TorGuard VPN.
  • TorGuard Netflix.
  • TorGuard OpenVPN.
  • TorGuard coupon.

TorGuard Review – More info

Do you care about your privacy? If not, please go somewhere else. If yes, I can help you by telling you why you need TorGuard VPN.

Heroes such as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Wikileaks have all taught us one core truth: Nothing and no one is secure online.

Everything you do online is vulnerable. Snoopers, hackers, government agencies and commercial entities all want to find out what you are doing and make money from what they learn.

Why you need TorGuard VPN

TorGuard encrypts your internet data traffic and cloaks your true IP address. As a result, you can achieve a high level of anonymity as you work, play and explore in the online world.

But,  You said “Nothing is secure.” Whattup?

You’re right. There was a time we thought that the Signal app for iPhone was secure. It isn’t. One time we thought that Tor was a reliable way to anonymously use the internet. It isn’t. You can’t even watch TV without the CIA, NSA, and FBI knowing what you’re watching, in what room you are watching it and what you are doing while you’re watching it.

TorGuard VPN can help you secure your home or business network as well as every phone, tablet, and computer that you use to access the internet.


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Online freedom

Your employer, ISP, and government want to control you, so they monitor everything that you do online. Some content providers even put geo restrictions on their content so you can’t see it if you happen to be from the wrong country. TorGuard VPN changes that.

When you connect to your VPN service, your web browser, computer or phone appears to be coming from the IP address of your VPN. So, if you want to see a geo-restricted sports broadcast, use your VPN to tunnel into a region where that content is allowed.

When countries such as China and major corporations want to block your online freedom, you can use the TorGuard VPN stealth service to punch through. Your computer connects to an allowed IP address from which you can anonymously exit onto the internet.

Anti throttling

While watching Netflix and other streaming services, for example, your provider might restrict your bandwidth because of the type of content you are watching. TorGuard VPN encrypts your data connection, so your Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and other services can’t tell what you are doing. As a result, you can operate free of throttling.


When you download movies, books, software and other “intellectual property,” copyright owners can demand that your ISP take remedial action. At the very least, you will receive a cease and desist order via the mail or a telephone call. Your service provider might also require you to change your WiFi password, delete illicit files or commit to other actions. Of course, your provider might also cancel your account.

If you always connect to the internet via TorGuard VPN, your service provider will not know that you downloaded an illicit file. Also, intellectual property owners will be unable to track you down because the IP address associated with your download is not yours.

If the copyright owner traces the IP to your VPN provider (TorGuard), the service couldn’t connect you to the IP address used to download that file because the company does not keep data access logs. So, even if TorGuard receives a subpoena, the firm has no information to divulge.


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Choosing between TorGuard VPN and Proxy

An anonymous proxy can mask your true IP address, making your computer appear to be from a country or region that is different from your true location. Unfortunately, however, your internet traffic is plainly visible to the U.S. Government, your internet provider, Google and other intrusive entities.

Although Torguard proxy can help you access online content, it does nothing to protect your privacy. Torguard VPN, on the other hand, encrypts your data. The entire path between your computer or phone and the TorGuard network is encrypted, so no one can see what you are doing.

TorGuard keeps no logs

Technically, TorGuard knows what you are doing because the firm knows both your original and VPN IP address. The firm, however, has a strict policy for not retaining data logs and other personally identifiable information. As a result, even if the government forces TorGuard to turn over its logs, your data is safe: TorGuard doesn’t keep server logs.

The TorGuard network

TorGuard uses thousands of servers around the world to give you true anonymity. Your computer can look as though it is in one of forty countries, allowing you to bypass location restrictions and prevent anyone from knowing who you are.

Where to use TorGuard VPN

I recommend using TorGuard VPN services whenever and wherever you connect to the internet. The VPN service can be essential under specific conditions:

  • Airports, restaurants, and other places where “public” or “free” WiFi is available. Such services offer either little or no security and can leave your data and identity vulnerable to nefarious business owners and nearby hackers. TorGuard VPN encrypts your internet traffic between your device and VPN.
  • Work. Your employer is spying on you. Expect your employer to monitor the time you spend on Facebook, porn sites, gambling sites, Netflix, YouTube, and other websites while you are supposed to be working. Your employer can also steal your login credentials and explore your personal life. If you connect to TorGuard VPN before you go online, however, your employer will have no control over or knowledge about your online activities.
  • College. Your college, university or school stores logs about all your online activity while connected to their network. As a result, you can get penalized for violating institutional “acceptable use” policies. TorGuard VPN encrypts data between your computer and devices and their VPN server, so your school will never know what content you access through their network.

Use TorGuard VPN wisely

We have to take TorGuard’s word about their encryption, data retention, and security policies.

  • Do companies lie? Yes, some companies lie.
  • Does Torguard lie? I don’t know.
  • Does the NSA / CIA / FBI / US Government have a backdoor into Torguard VPN? Maybe.

Unless you can personally verify the services and systems used by TorGuard VPN, you can never be 100-percent sure that you have a bulletproof and legally safe internet connection. Let that awareness guide you as you use Torguard VPN.

TorGuard Review: I want my VPN!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 16, 2019. It was updated for accuracy and completeness on July 9, 2019.