TorGuard Updates and Website Privacy

You need to consider TorGuard, if you’re looking for a VPN. TorGuard has a long history of reliable service, outstanding performance, and excellent customer support. We like TorGuard because that VPN gives users an incredible amount of control over their online experience. TorGuard lets you choose everything from protocols to ports. They also offer dedicated standard and residential IP addresses. If you subscribe to TorGuard’s “Pro” level, you get to enjoy a selection of 10Gbps VPN servers. TorGuard has always been good, but recent TorGuard Updates make the VPN better and stronger than ever.

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TorGuard Updates and Website Privacy

Earlier this year, we told you about the new TorGuard App for iOS. Now TorGuard has even more improvements for their users.

TorGuard recently announced improvements to their VPN network. They also tested several VPN websites for privacy using a tool called Blacklight.

TorGuard Updates

TorGuard recently announced some updates to their network that improves their users’ experience.

Upgraded Servers

TorGuard takes pride in their commitment to continual improvement. The service has upgreaded their hardware on all their US-based server locations.

Also, TorGuard refreshed their IP ranges to improve system performance and customer access.

The following improvements are among the recent updates made by TorGuard:

  • Servers with larger ports, improving connection speeds.
  • Doubling server capacity to handle more customers, more data throughput, and more service requests.
  • A faster, smoother experience for all TorGuard users who connect to US servers.
Dedicated IPs

Not every TorGuard customer takes advantage of TorGuard’s available dedicated IP address service. TorGuard has improved their service for those who do.

In particular, TorGuard has improved dedicated IP addresses on their Los Angeles network. For this reason, if you already have an LA dedicated IP address, you should contact TorGuard support for an upgrade. TorGuard’s new infrastructure in the area outperforms its legacy IP network.

To refresh your LA-based dedicated IP address, log into your TorGuard account and open a support ticket. In your ticket, request an IP change. Soon, TorGuard will deactivate its old LA servers, making old dedicated IP addresses inoperable.

Also, if you have a port forward on a dedicated LA IP address range, contact TorGuard support (via TorGuard’s ticketing system in your client area) to move it to the newer range.

NOTE: The changes to TorGuard’s network will not affect customers who have dedicated streaming or residential IP addresses.

COMING SOON: TorGuard customers will soon enjoy IP refreshes in TorGuard’s Dallas, Miami, and New Jersey servers.

Blacklight Website Privacy

TorGuard wants you to run the Blacklight test on the websites you visit to find out who really tracks you (and who doesn’t).

Blacklight is a real-time website privacy inspector developed by Surya Mattu.

Use this tool to discover who’s spying on you as you work, stream videos, engage in learning activities, and shop.

Enter any URL into Blacklight and you’ll see a list of all the tracking technologies used there. The results may surprise you.

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If you’re still thinking about TorGuard, you need to realize that many VPNs fail to provide TorGuard’s level of protection.

Beware of Internet Tracking

Practically every internet server and website tracks their visitors, even if you haven’t given them permission. Much of the data collected by online resources allow corporations and government agencies to track you everywhere you go online.

Internet tracking may send you targeted advertisements as you browse the web. Some sites capture and sell your data to marketers and hackers.

You can try defending yourself by choosing web browsers that claim to protect your privacy. You can also add privacy-enhancing extensions to your favorite browser. None of these safeguards fully protect you.

Corporations and governments know what countermeasures you use and use technology to circumbent them.

Only a VPN can completely protect you from abusive online actors. TorGuard gives you the best protection for your personal data and browsing activities.

Sadly, you can’t trust many of the myriad VPN sites that exist on the web and vie for your business.

The Blacklight Test

You can use Blacklight to check websites for invisible online privacy threats. These may include:

  • Facebook data collectors.
  • Google data tools.
  • Keystroke loggers.
  • Session recorders.

You’d never expect that a trustworthy VPN provider would use such nefarious tools on you. Would you?

TorGuard scanned six VPN websites with Blacklight, to see how trustworthy they are. The results were discouraging. Here are the VPN providers who failed the test:

  • NordVPN – 7 ad trackers, 4 third-party cookies, Google cross-web tracking.
  • ExpressVPN – 5 ad trackers, 3 third-party cookies, Facebook trackers, and Google tracking.
  • Surfshark – 5 ad trackers, 5 third-party cookies, and Google trackers that follow you across the web.
  • IP Vanish – 12 ad trackers, 9 third-party cookies, trackers that evade cookie blockers, keystroke capturing, Facebook trackers, Goole cross-web tracking.
  • Cyberghost – 4 ad trackers, 4 third-party cookies, trackers designed to evade third-party cookie blockers, Google tracking.
  • PureVPN – 3 ad trackers, 2 third-party cookies, keystroke and mouse capturing, Google tracking.

TorGuard’s website uses 0 ad trackers, 0 third-party cookies. TorGuard doesn’t capture keystrokes and mouse clicks and has no session recording. Also, you won’t find any Facebook and Google trackers on

Read the stats on the TorGuard blog.

You can trust TorGuard(?)

TorGuard sells privacy solutions and respects your privacy while they do it.

TorGuard has a consistent message and online conduct that backs it up.

While other VPNs spy on you when you visit their website, TorGuard doesn’t. TorGuard values your privacy more than the money they could make by collecting and selling your personal data.

Run the Blacklight test for yourself and see that TorGuard practices what they preach.

Step 1: Visit the Blacklight website:

Step 2: Enter TorGuard’s URL into Backlight and click the “Scan Site” button.

Enter into Blacklight's "Scan Site" bar
Enter TorGuard’s web URL into Blacklight and click the “Scan Site” button.

Step 3: Read your results: SURPRISE! TorGuard uses Ad Trackers and Third-Party cookies!

TorGuard's claims were proven false on June 25, 2021.
On June 25, 2021, we used Blacklight to prove TorGuard’s website has ad trackers and third-party cookies.

What does this mean?

TorGuard was trying to prove that they are more trustworthy than other VPNs. They posted a screenshot to their blog post that shows that they have no trackers, cookies, etc.

Let’s give TorGuard the benefit of the doubt. At the time they created their website didn’t have trackers and third-party cookies. As of now (June 25, 2021 at 1:45 pm EDT), TorGuard’s website does have trackers and third-party cookies.

It’s hard to have a website that doesn’t have trackers. That’s why practically every website, including those operated by VPN services, have privacy issues.

You need to get TorGuard VPN right now to stop trackers in their tracks!

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