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Verify your VPN with TorGuard Test Links

Before you confidently surf the web, be sure to test your connection. You can verify your VPN with TorGuard test links.

Verify your VPN with TorGuard Test Links


DNS Leak Test

What’s My IP

Torrent IP

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TorGuard OpenConnect

TorGuard OpenConnect services were announced on March 24, 2018.

OpenConnect uses SSL technology with VPN  and is based on Cisco’s AnyConnect SSL VPN initiative.

With this update, TorGuard now matches the services offered by other cutting-edge VPNs.

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TorGuard OpenConnect

The TorGuard OpenConnect announcement confirms what TorGuard VPN users already knew: The latest version of the TorGuard VPN client is enabled for OpenConnect.

WATCH OUR VIDEO: We show you how to configure your TorGuard client with OpenConnect.

When you choose OpenConnect for your TorGuard VPN connection, it will use TLS and DTLS to handle encryption and authentication for your secure VPN traffic.

Some benefits of OpenConnect:

  • Fastest available VPN protocol.
  • Extreme security.

OpenConnect VPNs utilize TLS and DTLS to encrypt and authenticate the encapsulated VPN traffic. Besides being the fastest VPN protocol available, OpenConnect is also one of the most secure with numerous security features built in to protect the end user.

How do I use TorGuard OpenConnect?

First, make sure that you have the latest TorGuard VPN client installed.

Next, open the client and choose “OpenConnect” as your Tunnel Type, as shown below:

TorGuard OpenConnect


Also, if you click “More Settings” and then choose the “Network” tab, you can choose to use the OpenConnect Seamless Reconnect feature.

TorGuard OpenConnect Seamless Reconnect


The TorGuard OpenConnect Seamless Reconnect feature provides for a seamless transition between WiFi and mobile data networks.

Seamless Reconnect will also prevent leaks while reconnecting to your VPN server.

Do you want one of the best OpenConnect VPN solutions available?

If so, choose TorGuard.

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Unblock Netflix with TorGuard

We feel your pain. You were so proud that you chose TorGuard as your VPN service. However, now that you’ve tried to unblock Netflix with TorGuard, you’re re-thinking your choice.

Unblock Netflix with TorGuard

Naturally, you visited FlixList to find out where your show is available.

Next, you started TorGuard to connect to the country where Netflix hosts your content.

You felt good when you say your video in the Netflix content. Hooray! you thought.

Next, you click “Play.”

Uh Oh.

You get this evil message from Netflix:

Unblock Netflix with TorGuard

What do you do now? Is it possible to unblock Netflix while using the TorGuard VPN service?

TorGuard responds

We asked TorGuard to get clarification on how to unblock Netflix with TorGuard VPN. Here’s what they said:

Thank you for contacting us, unfortunately we do not have at the moment working IPs whether on shared servers or dedicated IP range for Brazil Netflix Catalog. For Spanish catalog we have Spain Dedicated IP range.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

So, we asked TorGuard if there was a working IP for the UK. Also, we asked if there’s a way to find out how to unblock Netflix for particular reasons without asking support. Here’s the exchange:

Thank you for your kind reply. However, I have an additional question:

Do you have working IPs whether on shared servers or dedicated IP range for UK Netflix Catalog?

Is there a way I can find this information on my own, without having to bother you? read more